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Gentle Reader, that reminds me of this post On Copyrights from 24 November, 2015—

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I was rereading Confessions of an Undercover Internet Troll, and noticed something interesting about how the blog described in the book got started. The character known as Hoggy hired the author to write the blog, offering to pay him with a cut of money raised via Hoggy’s tip jar. If that’s true, then all of the TMZ blog posts contained in the book should be work-for-hire and, therefore, should belong to Hoggy.


UPDATE—After my conversation with CreateSpace this morning, this is what searching for the Cabin Boy’s™ book turned up on Amazon at 12:15 ET this afternoon.Amazon_Confessions_20151124


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A man’s got to know his limitations.

39 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. I understand that Bill’s mother sewed the name tags into the front of his shirts so he could pull them out and read what his name was without all the effort of twisting the shirt around or taking it off to read the tag.

  2. gb420 sez:
    “A man’s got to know his limitations.”

    Since Mr fakinsons isn’t a man, it explains alot.

    Based on this I can surmise that Bwilly is a Banana Slug and has reached his moral and intellectual ceiling.

  3. Bill’s sock says “pretending” to grope a sleeping woman isn’t as bad as diddling a 14 year old. Sort of QUEER that Bill is excellent friends with man who has been proven to have groomed a 10 year old for sex when he was in his 20’s and raped a 15 year old when he was in his 40’s. But then again, morals are for other people, right Bill?

    • Franken just admitted it, and says he doesn’t know what he was thinking. BS and his rape-apologist sock puppet look for excuses and justifications. Roy Moore: no proof, only allegations contradicted by the accusers’ own family members, no admission of guilt….PERV! DIDDLER! GUILTY! BURN THE WITCH!

      • Oh, and legally, Oliver Wendell Jones is wrong under his theory. This is some of the same type of behavior that is getting people canned in Hollywood.

  4. No. It’s because you want no moral strictures informing your behavior.
    Who has custody?

  5. If Biwwy ever had a moral compass it was lost decades ago.He does appear to like to try to hold others to standards he no intention of applying to himself or his “friends”. Shows apparently he has some dim comprehension that others frequently *have* morals and try to follow them, so he can use them as a club. Or so IdiotBoy thinks.

  6. I find the roommates comments about her daughter clashing with her ever trothed lardario playing skits where children much younger than 14 are raped repeatedly

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