Why I Blog

Because I want to.

More specifically, I took up blogging as a hobby when I was in my mid 60s and approaching retirement. I thought it would be an interesting way to use some of the time that would not be taken up by a day job. I decided to write about stuff that interested me, and if some folks wanted to read it, then the blog would pick up followers. I didn’t expect to monetize the blog.

One of the things that interests me is the First Amendment issues, and writing about one incident wound up changing the nature of Hogewash!. That incident was the patently unconstitutional gag order that Brett Kimberlin received against Aaron Walker. It was a local story, so I covered it. And kept covering The Dread Deadbeat (Pirate) (Performer) (Pedo) Pro-Se Kimberlin as he waged lawfare against various bloggers and mainline media people and organizations who wrote about him. That, in turn, made me a target of Kimberlin and his fanboys, especially Bill Schmalfeldt, and their targeting of me made me part of the story I was covering.

Things haven’t worked out as I expected when I stated Hogewash! in 2011. For the past five years, the bulk of the blog has dealt with Team Kimberlin. That coverage has caused multiple lawsuits, false criminal charges, and a bogus peace order petition to be filed against me, and I’ve monetized the blog to help defray the legal expenses incurred. (BTW, thank you to those who have supported that effort.) While that lawfare is mostly over and settled in my favor, there’s still some to go. Eventually, TDPK and his band of cyberthug wannabes will have lost their final bit of lawfare and will have poisoned their own online reputations via a version of the Streisand Effect on steroids that should be renamed for Brett Kimberlin. Then, I’ll be able to get back to spending more time on other things that interest me.

Oh, two more things …First, it looks as if enough Reality has sunk into the vacuum between the Cabin Boy’s™ ears that he is starting to understand that is more likely that LOLsuit VIII will be dismissed than survive.

Second, the only online use anyone has for Bill Schmalfelt now is as an object of pointage, laughery, and mockification. I will continue to write about him to the extent I find it useful as coverage of Team Kimberlin winds down, but there are now blogs that specialize in keeping track of him, and they are welcome to him.

11 thoughts on “Why I Blog

  1. Bill has a far too great a value on his life if he thinks that you, good sir, can’t live without him. I need to come up for a weekend with y’all and you can show me your ham radio stuff. Maybe have some more wonderful cow.

    • He has spent his entire life generating enemies that feed his bile and hate. While his current target is certainly his magnum opus, I have no doubt he will continue finding enemies until he does the taxpayer a favor and stops receiving his dole.

      • “I have no doubt he will continue finding enemies until he does the taxpayer a favor and stops *breathing.”


    • The Pacific Ocean has less water than Ol’ PotatoHead’s reservoirs have hate and bile. By orders of magnitude. Why it hasn’t caused him to just seize up and die is beyond me.
      Without his sterling example I would never have believed such a loathsome, useless (even as a bad example) pile of dog do-do masquerading as human could exist.

  2. Bill has tried to be the head of the #Resistance and has been pitifully mocked by them. (common guys don’t be mean to me. Take me off your block lists. Quit fighting amongst yourselves. I told you what to do and you won’t do it. Listen to meeeeeeee!)

    Hoge is really all he has. Unless he want to go beck to finding random minor male children in online forums to sexually proposition again. What a pathetic existence.

    • It has been said that there are three artificial sounds which all adult human males know instinctively; the sound of the breech closing on a double 12, the sound of a round being chambered in a pump of the same gauge, and the sound of a sword being withdrawn from its scabbard.

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