22 thoughts on “Genuine GS-13 Editing

  1. It’s so cute when Mr. Fakinsons projects. Its almost as amusing as when he ferverently pretends he is on par with Lee Stranahan when the reality is:

    1) no one cares about his “journalism” aside from those using him as his patsy (website hits prove this), and
    2) He is a lying POS which is why (1) is true.

    Its sad though that he only did a partial photoshop instead of finishing the job by putting the “Breitbart Unmasked” logo at the top. Sloppy, sloppy!

    PS- still looking forward to the day we don’t have to support you anymore. Whether that happens because of a fraud investigation or you take the cure doesn’t matter to me.

  2. Interesting. I see the image in the tweet is copyrighted by W. J. J. Hoge. Would this extend to the whole tweet, or even account?

      • Not to worry. Knowing that [REDACTED], this latest and most egregious copyright violation, coming when it did, seals the coffin for [REDACTED] which was already in the works. Maryland, Schmaryland, he actually is, legally, in [REDACTED], which is why this particular violation, and the timing thereof, is most particularly foolish. (And for our gentle host, most auspiciously well-timed and blatant.)

        Hint: Put your money on popcorn futures.

  3. Nobody has yet noted that his proclamation that, “Nothing I ever do again in my life will have anything to do with you!,” seems to have lasted less than a day. Or, was that less than an hour?

    Never mind, it doesn’t matter. He could never write about John Hoge again, he could never sue John Hoge again, nor ever harass John Hoge again for the rest of life, yet, not be free of John Hoge. Already, John Hoge, et al, have destroyed utterly what was left of his reputation, which he himself pretty much had trashed well before he ever meet John Hoge. He now lives in disgrace. When he posts online, he does so as a disgraced individual. When he shuffles down the street he shuffles as a disgraced person. When he rolls into a diner, he is disgraced before all the diners. When he enters into the VA his very presence disgraces all those that served honorably.

  4. Needs to distract his “beloved” from the unfillable promises or marriage and new chompers. I predict both will never happen . Shit, he can’t even afford rent on a flea bag place and has to leach of the “beloved”‘s relatives, so we know he has no money.

    • He could have money if he got of his wide Parkinson’s faking ass and, oh I dunno, maybe get a job like everyone else. I guess he would rather be a grifting pauper. Pathetic.

    • Pretty brave words from a coward who has fled multiple residences in only the past three years. What’s he “skeered” of? Well, other than actually appearing in court. Given his pro se prosecutor skills one would believe he’d show up in court every chance he had in order to prove his superiority. Hmmmm.

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