Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Sigh. We’re still waiting for news from the various Team-Kimberlin-related court cases. One of those cases is the Cabin Boy’s™ LOLsuit VIII: Avoiding Contact. This recycled post was originally published three years ago today as The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

* * * * *

Last night, I was running iTunes in random mode when The Sorcerer’s Apprentice by Paul Dukas came up. The first time I can remember hearing that piece was when I saw the movie Fantasia at the Tennessee theater in downtown Nashville back in the ’50s. The work is a symphonic poem that tells the story of Goethe’s poem Der Zauberlehrling. You probably know the story: Rather than do his chores the old fashioned way, a young apprentice tries to use magic. He loses control of his enchanted broom but is saved in the end when his master returns and sets things right. Mickey Mouse plays the apprentice in the Disney version.

But back to my story …

I didn’t initially realize what was playing in the background because I was concentrating on writing today’s Team Kimberlin Post of the Day. When I did notice the music, it struck me as somewhat related to what I was writing. The post was about Bill Schmalfeldt’s bumbling attempts at lawfare. He’s tried to use lawfare as an easy pushback against the various attempts to hold him accountable for his online harassment and cyberthuggery. Yet, each time he tries something, the legal waves break higher and higher against him.

One wonders—will his master save him?

Probably not.

His master has been no more successful in the long run with his lawfare. Team Kimberlin’s performance, by master or apprentice, can’t even be described as “mickey mouse.”

* * * * *

Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

21 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. D
    Trump Thumping Radio
    Hey, Grady. When the South Carolina Federal Court allows this case to proceed and I subpoena Tracey for a deposition, what do you suppose she will tell me? @BreitbartUnmask @OsborneInk @turkresisting

    Threatening people? Sent to the USMarshalls and the Magistrates. Dumb fuck, you realize that you have to pay thousands of dollars for a deposition right? The courts are going to be super pissed to find out your conduct. You have ZERO proof Grady wrote anything to you.

    • What is different Bill? In MD you ran like a crying little girl and hid behind your wife’s skirts. Now you are supposed to be much sicker and weaker. Unless you have been lying about your illness. So which is it? Will you be the same cowardly sack of shit or will you man up, admit you have been scamming the taxpayers and try for a fair fight?

    • There is no need for me to go to South Carolina and embarrass him in front of his girlfriend and her family. It’s not courageous to confront an under the porch yapper like him.


    Whatev, dumbass. If you were even 1/1000th as clever as you imagine you are, you could find out everything you think you need to know. But considering the blubbering about having people solve identities for you coming from SC at the moment… it merely confirms what a no load loser you truly are. For someone who thinks he is such an awesome investigator… you are as dumb as a bag of hammers.

    Go play in traffic with a road grader, El Stupido.

  3. Questions Schmalfledt should get asked in court:
    Does he find it amusing produce child porn skits in order to stir up trouble on the interwebz?
    Why does he think children being sexually abused is funny?
    Is he developing child porn skits to state his intentions or to influence others to phyically harm and rape children?
    Does he believe himself to be a religious icon who is preordained to preach dogma on how to obtain butthurt by being a derranged cyberstalking, turd sniffing pedophile?
    No doubt, there is probably going to be at least one negative review on his latest work on Amazon.

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