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We’re still waiting for news from the The Dread Deadbeat Pro-Se Kimberlin’s appeal of the RICO Remnant LOLsuit and the other pending Team-Kimberlin-related cases, so here’s another blast from the past. This was posted four years ago today as Acme Law Fights Back

* * * * *

Apparently, Acme Legal is trying to find a way to combat the dreaded res judicata.Acme-Disintegrating-Pistol

* * * * *

The Cabin Boy’s™ LOLsuit VIII is the only Team Kimberlin LOLsuit that hasn’t gone down in flames. Yet. When it does, I’ll bet that res judicata will be one of the reasons it is dismissed for failure to state a claim—unless it’s dismissed for the more basic reason of the court’s lack of personal jurisdiction over the defendants.

Stay tuned.

17 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. What do you mean it might be dismissed?

    He’s learned from all of his pro-se mistakes! This is going to trial and you, me, the defendants and everyone else commenting on this blog will be questioned, convicted, and sentenced to be hanged.

    Well, in Twitter court anyway.

    The real world, I’m going with Dismissed for failure to establish jurisdiction.

    • He hasn’t? Ever? My front step on twitter? People’s children on twitter? Dis we imagine this?
      Messing with people’s lives is what he does. Or tries.His defense in one of the Peace Order/Restraining order cases was that the individual in question CAN’T be scared, since she’s still standing up for herself!

      • What’s stranger to me is that Bill thinks the things he says are defamatory about himself. What kind of a jackwagon goes about spouting off defamatory stuff about himself then gets all butthurt when people repeat it? Oh, wait, I know the answer to that…
        World’s Stupidest Man™

        • I have always loved the “This Is So Defamatory and Mean That I Will Steal It And Put It On My Own Blog (Or A Book!) So That Everyone Can See How Butthurt I Am By These Evil Words That I Can’t Help Sharing” trick.

          So much FUN.

    • How many final warnings has he given? iI he up to a dozen yet?

      We’re all just l shaking in our boots. LOL

      What’s he going to do, roll after us in his sooper dooper the Walmart scooter (t’s red-putt putt)

      • Oh, he’s well over a dozen I’m sure. I know that I’ve counted into the double digits for the warnings I’ve received alone.

        I guess he’s going to bring the THUNDER! Putt-putt!

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