Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Its clear that the Cabin Boy™ has problems with his memory. He did an end zone dance last week celebrating the order from the magistrate judge managing the Schmalfeldt v. Grady, et al. LOLsuit VIII: Avoiding Contact noting that the U.S Marshals Service no longer needs to try to serve Patrick Grady because he has already filed motions in the suit which has the effect of waiving service. The Cabin Boy™ did another end zone dance this summer when Grady joined in our joint motion to dismiss. In that earlier celebration, he note that Grady had waived service.

I wonder if he remembers this post published as Reward Claimed! two years ago today—

* * * * *

wms201511060015Zwms201511060017ZI hereby claim half the reward. The other half should go to Brett Kimberlin for outing me in his Kimberlin v. Team Themis, et al. RICO 2: Electric Boogaloo LOLsuit complaint.ECF 1-58

I should get my share for verifying my address and phone number. They are are 20 Ridge Road, Westminster, Maryland  21157, and (410) 596-2854. Since I don’t have a SEEKRIT SITE, I cannot provide a non-existent password.

Failure to pay the reward forthwith will be considered proof by the Cabin Boy™ that The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin is lying in his complaint.


UPDATE 2—The Cabin Boy™ has verified in a comment below that he won’t honor his reward offer. Furthermore, under the conditions outlined above, he appears to confirm that Brett Kimberlin lied in his RICO 2 complaint.

UPDATE 3—Perhaps the Gentle Reader is wondering why the Cabin Boy™ offered the reward. One might guess that he feels flush with insurance cash, but I don’t think that’s the reason. I think he’s taken a page out of the Team Kimberlin playbook of offering a reward with no intention of paying. I’ll bet he believes that the “reward” gives him a basis for saying that some anonymous person ratted out [insert harassment target’s name here] as Krendler and that it provides cover for his next faildox.

* * * * *

I still don’t have my reward money. I guess Brett Kimberlin isn’t the only deadbeat on his team.

33 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Wow. Just, wow. I remember the Cabin Boy threatening Patterico and Ken White with tire irons. I won’t ever forget that, even though Ken White graciously declined to call it a true threat.

    BTW, I always honor a threat. Please don’t ever think I shan’t.

    • Zombie Survival Tip #2: Double tap.

      Why yes, yes I AM offering violence to those who propose it against me and my friends. Jeff Cooper had it right, after all.

    • If I recall correctly, the only reason Ken determined it was NOT a true threat was that DUMBFUCK is such a complete and utter coward that he would never have the stones to carry out.

      Also, what audience he has is identical to him in temperament and intelligence, and thus he would be unable to persuade those readers to carry out those threats on their own.

      But my memory may be faulty…

    • I completely forgot about that. Bill cursed his enemies. Bill has lost his wife, his many domiciles, his job, his pets, and is now homeless depending on the kindness of others to keep a roof over his head. I guess the curse really worked but Bill didn’t realize he was his own worst enemy.

  2. Notice that he NEVER provides proof of these assertions? No one messed with his VA benefits – he just moved for the ninth time in 8 months. His account, LIKE ANYONE ELSE’S, was likely red-flagged for potential fraud until he called in to verify his ID. This is all part of his victim routine. Is paranoia a sign of the PD dementia that he has admitted he has?

  3. So, when he claims he doesn’t have any responsive documents in discovery, folks, now you know the truth:

    • Yes, DUMBF*CK, we know FOR A FACT that you are afflicted with Fakinsons. We know because you simply cannot shut your big fat gob, and you’ve thus proven yourself a liar. So, how’s your 48 state self-driving road trip fundbegging going, pauper?

    • Yes Mr fakinsons you would give it up for any number of reasons including but not limited to:

      A) knowing you would get canned anyway
      B) knowing a lower amount guaranteed for the rest of your life means I can sit on your fat ass and do nothing but be a societal leech.

  4. You’re suing 4 people. DUMBF*CK. It would be several more, but you’re as inept as you are dishonest.

    Watch what happens. Seriously. Final warning.

    We’re watching what always happens. You run your mouth and puff out your chest and then you make a fool of yourself and then you cry about how unfair the world is and what a victim you are. We’ve seen this act again and again and again and again. Final answer: Fuck you.

    • Let’s see. He’s sued someone’s employer because he was just sure they had given him butthurt on company time. He’s called other people’s employers for the same reason. But I guess that doesn’t count as “messing with anyone on a personal basis” in his vocabulary. Nor does searching out and publishing information about people’s personal and financial lives qualify as “looking into personal shit”.

      Of course we all know what he’d be screaching if someone else did the same to him…..

      And lastly, how many “final warnings” does this make? There’s no point in having an office pool for how many more there will be because the number probably approaches infinity.

      Yes, I’m cranky today. But at least I’ve got a work shift this evening!

    • I beg to differ. He sued me and my employer. He threatened to publish my personal information. He has most definitely interfered in my affairs.

      Stop talking, Bill.

      Laptop, home.

    • “I haven’t bothered anybody, haven’t looked into anyone’s persona. shit, haven’t messed with anyone on a personal basis”

      Hey DUMBFUCK, you forget Vinny? You doxxed the wrong guy and called his employer to try and get him fired. By the way, who was the cop in Virginia that you also sent an email to his boss and tried to get him fired? How about the kids you posted pictures of and said that the mothers were abusing them? How about that guy you said was sexually molesting his niece? No personal shit? Really? You really expect everyone to forget all the shit you did to people? Did you forget about all the personal shit you dug up on people’s finances and personal lives? Did you forget about posting pictures of innocent people’s houses? How about that poor stranger that you photohopped onto a cactus penis? You forget that you piece of shit? I guarantee you that there a a LOT of people that will never forget and make sure that everyone you go after knows exactly who and what you are. Maybe that’s why you are homeless and living under someone elses roof like the loser you are.

    • Just like the from he posted above and his email excerpts, nothing is ever complete and he just glides past most of the essential details.
      His tweet above actually reads like this:
      “I haven’t bothered anybody [today], haven’t looked into anyone’s personal shit [in the last couple hours], haven’t messed with anyone on a personal basis [in this tweet]. Keep it up, folks [I need your attention to survive and there’s no way to get respect and affection so I’ll just have to go for derision and disgust].

    • He doesn’t like it when people comment on the things he says, the things he does. You can’t stop people from commenting. You just can’t. His warning is toothless. And worthless.

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