14 thoughts on “The Cabin Boy™ Discovers Gab

  1. I’m not sure someone who’s frittered their way into penury understands words like “investor”.

    • Hoooooge is such a copycat.

      As soon as Blech announced that he was investorgating Gab, Hooooge just had to “me to” and announce that he was investorgating it too.

      Or did I miss something here?

  2. Investor? Whaaaaaaaaat? I was assured you had spent every dime of your “dwinding” money on silly lawsuits. It must be true because Bill said it.

  3. I had to google what gab was since apparently I live under a rock not using twitter, Facebook, etc., but based on wikipedia this platform is hated by the racist free-speech-hating liberals. That and the fact that Mr. Fakinsons is “investigating” (BAHHHaAHHabBabahahahahaha) them tells me they are a platform worth using.

    Btw- did anyone else see the cool play on words by choosing the .ai TLD?

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