Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

The Cabin Boy™ appears to have put a massive effort into his silly hit piece on Lee Stranahan that he wrote for The Dread Deadbeat Pro-Se Kimberlin, and he seems a bit peeved that his fantasy has failed to get any traction on the Interwebz. Indeed, it looks as if there’s been more pointage, laughery, and mockification of the article in the comment section here at Hogewash! than actual traffic to the post at Breitbart Unmasked Bunny Billy Boy Unread.If Schmalfeldt’s post was aimed at “intelligent people who evaluate facts,” then he clearly published it in the wrong forum. OTOH, he may have had no choice given the number of leftwing websites that have banned him.

65 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. 14 or so tweets in roughly six hours for someone who doesn’t “give a sh*t.”

    Obviously you do, Nuggety Beach Ball Head. Twitter is aflame with your lack of concern.

    And we will continue to laugh… and point… and mock. Because you are just that damn stupid, as is anything out there with your byline.

    “Flailure” indeed.

    • How many times has Twitter required his rebranding. It may be the one website but he has been banned or run off so many times that I stopped counting. He was also banned from Huff, so that would make it two and that is just from casual observation.

      Mind you, given the largess of left wing sites to not ban fellow travellers but only those who question their mental illness, then claiming a lack of bans is no real claim to fame either.

  2. Trump Thumping Radio
    Replying to @TrumpThumpRadio and @wjjhoge
    Hoge thinks his words breathe truth into his lies. They do not. Lies are still lies… Hoge will learn the hard way

    Lies bill has told a three percent list

    That he was digging through rubble in Lebanon
    That he was first in his class
    That I sent emails to his boss in Iowa
    That I sent emails to Wisconsin
    That he had friends in Justice
    That he had NIH permission to spend much of his day on social media
    That he knew someone pimped his wife
    That he had no association with Brett
    That he didn’t write millions of words on the internet
    That he is a successful author
    That he is an investigative journalist
    That he was only banned from one liberal web site hmmm xmfan, political forum, Twitter , Alan colmnes, national examiner, and there are others maybe even cnn
    That I raped my daughters
    That he was incapable of driving
    That he could not sit for hours
    That he was wheel chair bound
    That he is a disabled veteran giving people the assumption he was injured in combat
    That he was incapable of speaking
    That he was losing the capacity to swallow
    That he could navigate red tape at the NIH
    That he was a pauper
    That he never attacked children
    That he never bothered anyone
    That he doesn’t know who ownes bu

    • That he was no longer capable of having sex, but that alleged disability disappeared when his late wife died.
      That he went to college.
      That he has no kids
      That he doesn’t drink booze
      That he doesn’t smoke
      That someone slashed his tires
      That Lee abused his kids
      That any anonymous person he chooses to harass on a particular day is PK or Aaron.
      That he has dental insurance
      That someone reported him to get his veterans disability taken away
      That a man he never met and did not know was molesting his niece

    • That he didn’t create child porn
      That he was Carlos from the Milwaukee sentinel journal
      That he tripped opening a tub of horse poop
      That he has a Rolodex of insiders at the NIH
      That he didn’t know who ripped off an entire book
      That he received updates from Dallas PD
      That he told the truth on DCMA takedowns
      That he actually writes instead of cutting and pasting real writers works
      That he doesn’t delete things
      That he was unable to travel to Maryland

      • That he needs a life alert.
        That he has to travel with a “caregiver.”
        That he didn’t abandon his dog and cat in Iowa.
        That he wasn’t canned from the Iowa radio station because he talked politics on air.
        That he left XM Radio for a great nationwide gig
        That he photoshopped Ali and Hoge into gay porn pics

    • Unemployed transient moves for the sixth time in six months, and wonders why the feds put a hold on his benefits.

      • It was kind of amazing that they didn’t do it sooner just because of the flurry of paperwork that must have been bouncing back here and there.

  3. Mr. Fakinsons is simply butthurt that Lee does more in journalism in a day (and gets paid well to do it) than fakinsons has in his whole life.

    Fakinsons so desperately wants to do things real journalists do. Instead he has to settle for writing libtard propaganda on a website no one reads. Even the demographic he is trying to cater to doesn’t even show up and read his drivel which is why industrial strength prep H won’t soothe the buttbjrt.

    You’re a failure, fakinsons. At everything you touch. The only way you will ever contribute to society is when you finally croak and the taxpayers don’t have to support your waste of an existence.

        • I’m tempted to go over there and just start prodding at him, but I’d wind up (a) banned, (b) doxxed (or at least he’d TRY to), (c) sued, or (d) all of the above.

          He really is a fascinating case, in that car crash kind of way.

    • …so desperately wants to do things real journalists do.

      No, that’s inaccurate. Bill merely wants the prestige and carte blanche authority he (wrongly) believes jouralists have. He wants it all, with none of the work.

      As we know, if Bill has one true nemesis, it’s honest work.

      • “He wants it all, with none of the…”

        ethical obligations;
        expectations of accuracy;
        objectivity (though let’s face it, this is endemic throughout journalism…);
        consequences of being wrong;
        grammatical accuracy;
        ability to spell;
        typing skill;
        requirement to shower more than once a month…

  4. For someone who says he doesn’t give a shit, he sure seems to know every last thing that is said and done here……

    That gif of him as Baghdad Bob, in front of an outhouse, is true on so many levels.

    • “For someone who says he doesn’t give a shit”
      According to the embedded tweet, he DOES give a shit. Otherwise, he would have written a “don’t” in there. Obviously, an oh-so-experienced journimalist would never have omitted such an important word by accident, now would he?

  5. “The story was written for intelligent people who evaluate facts,”

    Let us examine that statement:

    – To write for “intelligent” people, you must have some semblance of intelligence, and we all know that the DumbFuck never has nor never will display any intelligence above that of a banana slug.

    – “For…people that evaluate the facts”: He is fabricating his “story” to be read by the Left-Wing portion of the Interwebs, and the actual facts demonstrate that that portion ignores the facts and relies on “feelings” and biased predisposed opinions. So since he has demonstrated to us that he resides on that same side of the political spectrum, and he relies upon feelings instead of “facts”, he proves to us he is a LIAR.

    So based on my review of his statement and the real facts, the DumbFuck is full of the same stuff he rolls into little balls and sniffs.

  6. bill’s “massive effort” for this story was to eat several large helping of lima beans and then take an extra large dose of ex-lax.

    • It truly is a load of shite!
      I have decided to withdraw my offer of hearing his confession and giving him absolution. There is no way I can believe anything he says, thus making a sacramental confession impossible. Sans a sacramental confession, according to Catholic doctrine (and Orthodox too), Bill is automatically condemned to Hell … something I wanted to save him from but his actions show that he wants to follow his own will instead of God’s, which is to save us from Hell … the whole reason He came to earth as man and suffered, died and resurrected. To save man from perdition!

    • Let’s make #51 Rule 51.

      Sometimes, you’re wrong.

      Wait, that’s Gibbs’ Rule 51….

      HN’s Rule 51 is: Somtimes, you’re wrong. Unless you’re Schmalballz. Then, you’re almost always wrong. Don’t be like Schmalballz.

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  8. “The story was written for intelligent people who evaluate facts,” BWAHAHAHAHA! Who knew that Bill was a comedian

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