Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Here’s a golden oldie—There’s been a suggestion that the Streisand Effect should be renamed the Kimberlin Effect, but I disagree. Barbara Streisand had the good sense to drop things when the publicity surrounding her attempt to get a picture of her Malibu house suppressed backfired. The Dread Deadbeat Pro-Se Kimberlin keeps digging. The Kimberlin Effect is the Streisand Effect on steroids and turned up past 11.

13 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. All the troubles Bill Schmalfeldt claims have been visited upon him can be traced with the simplest of logic (and a little bit of the old FOCUS!!) to this tweet, and the truth that what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

  2. Brett Kimberlin aka The Speedway Bomber takes things personally. Very much so. I’m astounded at how much Brett takes any slight, real or perceived, personally.

    He’s endangering his sweet sweet non-profit scam by inviting scrutiny and, potentially, discovery. And, even worse, scrutiny after discovery. That flat out amazes me.

    I myself would prefer to ‘fly under the radar’ while continuing to rake in the bucks. Goodness knows there’s lot of money in the anti-Trump fever swamp to be had (even despite Schmalfeldt Parvocampus can’t figure out how to monetize same). NOW is a great time to be a #RESISTANCE Progressive. But anybody who googles ‘Justice Through Music Project ‘ or ‘Velvet Revolution’ would find Brett Kimberlin is behind both AND that he has a less than sterling reputation. Which SHOULD scare some people off. Will be interesting to see if JTMP returns show lesser amounts coming in over 2016 and 2017 as his lawfare efforts burned ever brighter.

    WJJH hasn’t let out a fraction of what he knows or thinks about El Kimby Kimbo Brettster The Kimbermeister. I humbly request all of you to support my urging that John writes a book.

    Hell. I’ll write it. I’ve got the time, basic literary skills and just enough of a analytical bent that I can explain multiple threads, all with a common theme, in a coherent fashion.

    John, please consider this a open offer from me. You can ‘author’ while I ghost. You get to revise and rewrite as appropriate. Final edit is yours. All the money goes to you. Movie rights to be negotiated between the two of us at some later date but know that I’ll up-front concede the larger share to you.

    I want you to provide baseline materials (history, court docs, etc.) AND pay for a lawyer to vet our written collaboration because you know you know you know that Brett Kimberlin, Bill Schmalfeldt and the other three will sue us. This thing has to be bullet-proof before it goes to print.

    Wonder if we could run a Kickstarter to fund our anticipated legal bills? Nah. Premature. But good to think outside the box. And ahead of the box. Something Team Kimberlin sucks at.

    I got $10,000 that says our book will outsell Citizen K (we’ll use Amazon as the metric). I’m willing to put in way more than that in my personal time and effort.

    What could go wrong?

    BTW, I acknowledge this particular thread on Hogewash is Schmalfeldt-centric. Even so. Despite that Bill Schmalfeldt is immensely entertaining… And stupid too. Brett Kimberlin is the focus of evility. Dude is asking to be clocked. Brett Kimberlin, day in and day out, is working hard to get clocked.

    Said efforts will eventually be obliged.

    Footnote: All of this IMHO. Don’t sue me, Brett. Well. Not all of it is IMHO. The offer to collaborate writing a book is very real. I’m interested. Just the facts, M’am. Nothing but the facts.

  3. When I sought my Harassment Prevention Order against Bill Schmalfledt, he typed up an email (full of self-contradicting lies) that he sent to the Court Clerk, and CC’d Brett. Brett did a “Reply All”, sending his response not only to Bill, but to the Court Clerk as well. And it was this email, and not Bill’s original, that was given to me and used in the discussions in court the day of the hearing. So was this absolute stupidity on Brett’s part? Did he not see that the email was sent to the court, and his reply was going there as well? Or was this absolute hubris, with him thinking his reply in support of the email would somehow add weight to it? (He probably shouldn’t have cast aspersions on the Judge’s intelligence in it, then, huh?)

    This was just another example of the evil of Team Kimberlin.

  4. Does anyone else find it as amusing as I do that Bill’s alter ego the Inflate-A-Boy seriously thinks the Russians are trying to hack his accounts? Bill/Inflate-A-Boy, you aren’t important enough for a 14 year old in mom’s basement to try and hack your account. You are inconsequential to the ‘Resistance’. I know Bill has a long, long history of puffery and ego stroking but this is too darn funny even for him. You go Bill you big bad resistance dude.

    • That’s so funny. The idea that their little #Resistance clique is sooooo very important that Russians are trying to hack him. *snort* Shine on you crazy diamonds!

    • That is funny my processional estimate is that it would take only about 5 minutes to hack into the “Cabin Boy’s™” pc. I can make this estimate based on all the information he has over shared.

  5. There sometimes comes a point in life where one becomes so inconsequential that even the salesclerks at Dollar General turn their head aside and engage the next customer in conversation while scanning the few groceries. At such times, the ridicule of the lickspittles is the only last vestige of interaction with the human race, and is cherished. Therefore we shall, in kindness, render to the bandar-log the notice which they do not deserve.

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