18 thoughts on “Cranking It Up Past 11

  1. My M-4’s .223 is plenty sufficient.

    To those with malice aforethought going on…

    Might want to reconsider your life choices, brah…

    • .45 slow heavy projectiles give a clean kill; I’ve found too many deer carcasses that crept away to die under a bush with the smaller, higher velocity rounds that other hunters used.

      As for life choices, when one is doing unarmed humanitarian work, eventually one realizes the the blue-helmets won’t protect you. That’s when it is nice to be on very good terms with the guys in raggedy faded green, whose AKs are still functional even with the end of the barrel blown off.

  2. Ah. The Caliber Wars. Good times, always. This is why I come to Hogewash; technical discussions that go beyond sophomore-level politics: “Everything should be free. You have a right. Society should be organized to accommodate The Oppressed, Less Fortunate and those who produce little or nothing.” Didja’ see todays Politico article where Boehner is quoted as saying, roughly, “Bernie really believes all that shit.”

    To me there’s always tradeoffs. One of the allures of .556 is it’s relatively light weight. Even so, I can personally confirm that 910 rounds of .556 weighs 30 pounds in a large ammo can. That’s a lot of weight to carry if you’re humping a pack. Which I never have (incidentally-). Ex-mil, yes but not ex-shooter. Don’t want to say anything more lest I trigger a DOX Alert. The Schmalrus can cadge info from fellow vets, dontcha’ know…

    A can of 50-cal must weigh lots. And lots. I don’t particularly worry about the larger cals because I’ve deliberately structured our household to fight the impending zombie apocalypse. I anticipate CQB and lots of reloads so I’m skewed towards .556, 12-gauge and 9mm. I note, with some gratification, those sizes will nicely accommodate the Antifa also. FBUThem.

    I DO have my dads WWII 1911. For a piece machined from scrap iron it shoots like a dream. I can’t hardly see the front iron sight though. This, however and also, is why God invented the Sig P320 and allows us to put Trijicon sights on same. It’s only money (but less than $200 total, parts and installation).

    Wife has fallen in love with the Sig P938 which is .380. So much for my attempt to limit the number of different round-sizes in our family. But, as they say on NPR, so it goes. Even so, she has her own AR-15 and P320 too. Girl power. No offense there; I was raised in a different day and age where that wasn’t offensive so don’t even think about reporting me to HR.

    • Minimize the number of types of rounds? A quick inventory here at stately Hoge Manor turned up firearms in 23 different calibers or gauges. Of course, some are firearms can fire more than one, e.g. a .357 firing .38 Special ammo. However, there are only five types stocked in significant quantity: .22 LR, .45 ACP, .30 Carbine, .308 Winchester, and 20 gauge. Moderate amounts of .380 ACP and 38 Special are in the ammo locker as well, and .270 Winchester and .45/70 are regulars during fall hunting season.

      • The other rounds: .22 Short, .22 Magnum, .17 Remington, .30/06, 7.62 x 39 mm, .410, 12 ga., .25 ACP, 9 mm Parabellum, .40 S&W, .41 Magnum, .45 Colt, .50 muzzleloader.

  3. I had a .22 Smith and Wesson target pistol once. Fed rounds through it with no probelmand cheap enough to be on the range literally all day.

    Though I did get to borrow others .38; .357; .40; and 9mm.

    I was absolutely brutal with a 12 gauge though. Brother handed it to me with no advice or training and probably began to bruise the hell out of myself.

    Went back to the handguns right after.

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