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Let’s take another opportunity to engage in pointage, laughery, and mockification at The Dread Deadbeat Pro-Se Kimberlin’s informal opening brief for the Kimberlin v. Frey RICO Remnant LOLsuit appeal.

This whacked out bit of nonsense is from p. 4—

Discovery commenced and, over Appellant’s objection, Judge Hazel issued a protective order covering all discovery in the case. Appellant filed a Writ of Mandamus with this Court arguing that the protective order violated the First Amendment. In re Kimberlin, 16-1670. This Court denied the writ on the ground that Judge Hazel had other remedies available to him to unseal the documents.

Punctuation errors in the original.

<plm>The last sentence of that paragraph is false. Here’s what the Fourth Circuit’s order actually said—

The party seeking issuance of the writ must have no other adequate means to obtain relief, and he bears the burden of showing that his right to the writ is clear and indisputable. … We have reviewed the petition and conclude that Kimberlin fails to make this showing.

So it wasn’t Judge Hazel who had other remedies available—indeed, the judge wasn’t the one who wanted a remedy—it was Kimberlin who had other remedies potentially available, and it was Kimberlin who failed (there’s that word again) to show that he had exhausted those remedies. That was the Fourth Circuit’s ground for denying the writ of mandamus.

You’d think that TDPK would realize that the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals probably keeps copies of the orders it issues and that one of the judge’s clerks would check to see what was in their earlier order. Perhaps he has become so disconnected from Reality that he believes his own lies.</plm>

Lying liars gotta lie.

13 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. So you’re saying ‘The Clerks’ will catch the error? And that’s kinda’ pretty much the way the courts work?

    Best case is: (1) Clerks are SHARP and provide The Judge with the case law to slap the reference(ed) case down.

    Worst case is: (2) Clerks don’t do the homework and blithely pass on Kimbermeisters’/Parvocampus’ case references as fact. In which case the game goes on.

    THIS is the foundation for the appeal system. YOU do the homework to point out what the Clerks missed-

    I ain’t impressed. I also don’t have a alternative. I do understand, not withstanding FRCP ( or is it FCRP?) much less Maryland court vagaries (gosh MD judges do suck-), you have remedies to correct at some later point in the process. At some cost in terms of time, certainly, and money probably. I also note there’s no penalty for blindly citing refs in a effort to mislead the court. I think this is both good and bad; good in that it’s legit to misinterpret a ref and put it forward. Bad in that adjudication conceivably relies on said bad ref to make a bad decision.

    Makes me wish for a AI-based system that could short-circuit this kind of crap except there’s no doubt any semantically based system could be gamed.

    This system, our judicial system, sucks. I don’t have a better alternative. Brett Coleman Kimberlin The Speedway Bomber plays the judicial system like a violin at the cost of others. Bill Schmalfeldt is a pale shade playing incompetently in his masters shadow.

    I gotta’ get back to writing fiction. Metaphors. Parody. Brett don’t sue me. Only thing that comes to mind, recently, is ‘Moby Dick’ and I’ve been toying with that one for some months. Would require me to conduct more work than I want… Star Trek is so much easier. Although I could have taken the B-17 piece further…

    So little time. So much material.

    And even more outrage. Frack these two and the horses they rode in on. Brett Kimberlin and Bill Schmalfeldt are riding the US judicial system. Blithely. And without consequence.

  2. This Court denied the writ on the ground that Judge Hazel had other remedies available to him to unseal the documents.

    I still don’t understand what that argument is supposed to mean.

    • He is such a freaking knuckle dragger Bill is . What a pathetic waste of space.

      At least he found similar company with Adam of the apple; and saved others from his slothful being.

  3. Bill is such a BRILLIANT journalist that he,
    1. Can’t figure out how to use the Quatumthemes demos (plus he is too cheap to actually pay for anything out of his own pocket so DEMOS for everyone!)

    2. Blatantly plagiarizes Paste Magazine for the write up shown in the screen cap below..

    3. As a matter of fact, it seems most of his “articles” are plagiarized from the aggregator NETRADIO

    In short, he’s a racist, misogynist, stolen valor, plagiarizing piece of shit. But then again, we’ve all known that for years.

    Just a suggestion there Twinky, why don’t you PAY for shit instead of going through your life living off free demos and stealing shit? Oh, and maybe remove the big “The Author – Bill Preston-Schmalfeldt” from the posts you are stealing from other people.

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