Fall Colors and Rule 5

While I was reviewing the archives for a post to recycle as part of today’s TKPOTD, I scrolled past this post from two years ago today.

* * * * *

Meanwhile, Back in the Real World …

It was a beautiful weekend here in Western Maryland. Mrs. Hoge and I spent part of it in the Catoctin Mountains, in the National and State Parks just south of Camp David.MrsHoge2015102301MrsHoge2015102302Catoctins20151023

3 thoughts on “Fall Colors and Rule 5

  1. Such beautiful memories, John. I am glad you have them and saddened that that is all that you have left of Connie, except for the knowledge she is awaiting you in God’s Kingdom. May her memory be eternal and she be a shining beacon in the firmament of Heaven. God bless and comfort you John and the family too!

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