12 thoughts on “Useful Idiots 2.0

  1. So, the Russians supported Hillary. By chance, did any of the useful idiots pretend to have had his tires slashed after he drove into a curb, in a transparent attempt to get his insurance to pay for it?

    • Shhhh. I like watching Americans get all outraged over interference by foreign intelligence services. It’s hilarious! Please don’t take that away from me.

  2. The perplexing thing here is they amplified the supposed agenda of these people, then the people said that was divisive. Wouldn’t that also mean their own agenda is divisive?
    I haven’t seen any reports yet that the Russians were playing both sides by supporting the fringe white nationalists like Spencer and Co, just the BLM/occupy types, which suggests they found thay divisive enough on its own. That’s not a good thing for the moment if it plans to accomplish anything.

  3. That’s nothing. I know of a guy so stupid he let a bot take over his Twitter account. No, he wasn’t hacked, he AGREED to have a bot take over his account and immediately start sending out spam tweets. I mean, how ignorant do you have to be to actually click Agree on something like that?

    • Oh, maybe as ignorant as someone who allows his Twitter to be taken over in the mistaken belief that he will get to see who is reading his tweets? Nah, that’s really dumb. Who would do that?

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