Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Now that The Dread Deadbeat Pro-Se Kimberlin has lost his appeal of the Kimberlin v. National Bloggers Club, et al. (II) RICO Retread LOLsuit, he has been taxed with the cost of the appeal by the court. He owes me another $46.80.

I intend to collect.

28 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. I’m certainly happy with another Team Kimberlin legal defeat, but this bullshit won’t end until he has been declared a vexatious litigant. His efforts, or lack there of, the past several years clearly show his motive is to harass his victims. His court filings show that he is just going through the motions without any serious effort to prepare, research or compose competent legal briefs. He just files nonsensical and idiotic lawsuits, making sure to cause his enemies as much time & resources as possible.

    When he loses these cases, he almost always appeals until all avenues are exhausted(and years have passed). There really isn’t any cost to Kimberlin for filing these frivolous cases, but his victims have spent considerable time & resources defending themselves. What must be done to have him declared?

    • I would think that if the court became aware that the person filed numerous lolsuits but failed to pay expenses when ordered by the courts; that could be a contributing factor in declaring someone a vexatious litigant. Or at least requiring some sort of bond up front for any future lolsuits.

  2. Confirmed, no one messed with BS’s miniscule 10% “disability” payment. Note the quotation marks in his tweet. This was most likely a security precaution due to his being an unemployed transient with 5-6 different addresses in 6 months.

    • Fact – Bill is a stupid man.
      Fact – Bill is a proven liar
      Fact – Bill likes to shoot off his mouth before he thinks
      Fact – Bill shoots off his mouth and finds out he is very wrong a lot
      Fact – Bill can’t stand when people mock him for his tendency to shoot off his mouth and get things very wrong.

      Conclusion – Bill did something stupid, had his online access cut off, blamed the “lickspittles”, went on a rant, found out he was wrong, and now has to lie about it because we are all over here laughing our asses off at him yet again.

      End of lesson.

    • It looks like BS hates. military heroes and Gold Star dads.

      FTFY. Bill Schmalfeldt hates everything. Women, Children. (When, exactly, did Bill last see one of his children or grandchildren in person? [even the ones he is sure ARE his.]) POC. LBGTQ folks. People who think differently than him (that would be everybody else on the planet). Bill is destructive – he has no positive things to say or suggest. Ever since he lost that election oh-so-many decades ago, he is just a complainer and a whiner.

      • I’m pretty sure he hates everyone who isn’t Bill Schmalfeldt. Including his weirdly-toothed “girl” friend and the other members of Team Kimberlin.

    • I’m sure that this malingering, turd rolling, goldbricking DUMBF*CK pauper’s opinion is going to keep Gen. Kelly up nights.

  3. If I remember last time correctly, mentioning your intention to collect somehow implies that you have financial problems.

  4. You can get a writ of discovery, bring him into court and question him about his resources and ability to pay. You still won’t collect but it might be fun. I’m sure Brett would deeply resent the indignity.

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