Trump Derangement Syndrome and Mental Health “Professionals”

The New Yorker has a post up titled How Anti-Trump Psychiatrists Are Mobilizing Behind the Twenty-Fifth Amendment.

Back in 1964, a number of left-wing psychiatrists who had never met or examined the Republican candidate for President Barry Goldwater publicly diagnosed him as mentally ill and unfit to be President. After that election, the American Psychiatric Association adopted an Rule of Ethics which says that a psychiatrist should not express a professional opinion about a public figure who he has not examined. The Goldwater Rule was generally well respected by mental heath professionals until Donald Trump became a viable candidate. Now, it appears that the prevalence of Trump Derangement Syndrome among a few of them has tipped the scales.

The New Yorker piece deals with a group of politicized psychiatrists called Duty to Warn.

Numerous Duty to Warn participants contributed essays to a new book, “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President,” which just landed on Sunday’s Times best-seller list—a sign of the public’s eagerness to know just how afraid it should be of Trump. Duty to Warn has also announced the formation of the “Twenty-fifth Amendment pac,” which will raise money for political candidates to run on the very issue of removing Trump via the Twenty-fifth Amendment. “We want to be to the Twenty-fifth Amendment what the N.R.A. is to the Second Amendment[.]”

The article  ends

… it’s a real turning point when mental-health professionals are so willing to organize politically, break brazenly with long-standing protocol, and even risk discipline by licensing boards. After this, talk of Trump’s removal under the Twenty-fifth Amendment may not seem so crazy.

Read the whole thing. But as you do, remember that The New Yorker was the magazine that published favorable coverage of Brett Kimberlin’s claim to have been Dan Quayle’s dope dealer.

12 thoughts on “Trump Derangement Syndrome and Mental Health “Professionals”

  1. Like many professionals (so-called) they are willing to trade away their reputations to eliminate Trump. Reporters, professors, students with masks, and now psychiatrists.
    Mental health professionals have no business diagnosing from a distance someone they have never met. They are willing to do this because of Trump’s policies.
    (Unpresidential at times? Yup. Crazy? Not even close.)

  2. As an expert in bioethics, I find this disturbing on many levels. Anyone who’s read my blog knows I’m not on the Trump train, but still so blatantly mixing politics with medicine will likely poison the public trust in medicine by making it seem (or revealing) it has lost its objectivity.
    Mental health is a serious problem, should we risk causing Trump supporters who need help with mental health to avoid seeking it because they feel they’ll be treated poorly for their political beliefs?
    Furthermore, their entire political PAC is dumb. No politician running can invoke the 25th amendment. Only the VP and cabinet members. While senators could demand any cabinet members promise to use it before being approved, those people wouldn’t make it to nomination. (if they did get nominated it would strengthen a 25th amendment argument I guess).
    They’re pissing on the ashes of the credibility they’ve already burned for nothing.

    • There’s a huge flaw with the 25th Amendment. Since we know that Trump is of sound mind, if he gets wind of a 25th discussion by any cabinet member, he can fire them immediately without notice. The 25th was to ensure actual disabled or incapacitated presidents have their authority GRACEFULLY transferred to the next person in line. He can simply turn on the national camera, make a verbal declaration that the person is no longer the cabinet secretary, and that’s it. There is no procedure for how cabinet members are removed. The Constitution doesn’t even mention the word cabinet. The Supreme Court does recognize that the President has a broad authority on managing his cabinet minus the Senate confirmation procedure.

  3. Anyone who takes the idea of “mental health professionals” as being worthy of having any attention paid to their political ideas should have their head examined.

    • Who would exam their head if the “mental health professionals” have all destroyed what little cred they had to start with?

      • I’ll do it. As an engineer, I’m at least as well qualified to identify mental problems as the typical “mental health professional”, and I am more honest and stable than the typical “mental health professional”.

  4. I would point out that a number of posters here made statements about Donald Trump such as,

    1) Suggesting he was a liberal Democrat;

    2) Suggesting that Hillary Clinton’s administration would have been more “conservative” than Trump’s;

    3) Suggesting that Donald Trump would appoint more liberal Supreme Court Justices than Clinton.

    Trump Derangement Syndrome was, and is, alive and well at Hogewash.

    Alcoholics Anonymous teaches it members that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Here the 1) after the appointment of Neil Gorsuch; 2) after the appointment of a score of conservative Appeals Courts nominees highly praised by the Federalist Society; 3) after repealing one Obama-area regulation after another; 4) after saving the coal industry; 5) after decertifying the Iranian Unconstitutional agreement; and, 6) after the executing the coup de grace to Obamacare they still persist in the delusion that Never Trump was correct, and, that Donald Trump is another liberal Democrat.

    George Will once told a story of a Marxist who was confronted with the fact that none of Marx’s predictions have come to pass. Unflinchingly, the Marxist responded by noting the fact that none of his predictions have come true yet just showed how foresighted Marx’s prediction were! We have witnessed a similar phenomena among the self-styled “Never Trump” here at this forum.

  5. I’m sure everyone here remembers Terry Schiavo and how the Left reacted when Tennessee senator (and medical doctor) Bill Frist diagnosed her based on a videotape.

    (Hint: “butt out, you jackass.”)

    I’m sure they’ll be just as principled now.

    (Eye roll)

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