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The Cabin Boy™ had a Feldtdown on the Twitterz this afternoon. It seemed to have something to do with the VA freezing his bank account as a the result of an investigation of an allegedly fraudulent claim. Schmalfeldt seems to think that the VA is going to identify the person who filed the complaint.I wouldn’t bet on the Cabin Boy finding out who complained to VA. Most such complaints are made anonymously, and according the VA Inspector General’s website, the VA is prohibited by 5 U.S.C. 552a from divulging the name of the complainant to the person who is the subject of the complaint.

It would be very unusual for the VA to resort to a bank levy without first contacting the person who they believed had been overpaid or paid in error. Yet, the Cabin Boy™ seems to have been surprised by his account being frozen.


UPDATE—This post seems to have spurred Feldtdown 2.0 during which the Cabin Boy™ now says that his bank account wasn’t frozen. If it wasn’t frozen, why did he need to contact his bank? Doesn’t he have a copy of his account number? It’s printed on his checks. It’s printed on his account statements.

Further, why would the VA need his bank account number? Whenever I’ve dealt with the VA, they’ve IDed me though my Social Security Number.


UPDATE 2—And the UPDATE triggered Feldtdown 3.0 in which the Cabin Boy™ offered a theoretical example of contacting NASA with false information about me. After having cooperated with the NASA IG and NASA Facilities Protection Division on investigations resulting from false complaints made about me, I’ll simply say that the information from the VA IG that I cited above is consistent with my experience.

I’ll also note that it would be most unwise for the person or persons who made false complaints about me in 2014 and 2015 to ever do so again.

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  1. How odd. And he’s been such a strong, unapologetic advocate for reporting people to state and federal agencies, with no basis whatsoever, to have their children taken away.

    • There is a pattern … Biwwy made false reports to my Federal Probation Officer that almost got him arrested and prosecuted in Federal Criminal court. He was advised to stop yet the next day he did it again! My Probation Officer (at that time, only days away from retirement) called me into her office and played the tape of his call… this was just 2 weeks prior to the end of my probation. We had a good laugh at Biwwy’s expense … She even called him a dumbass … the only expletive I ever heard come out of that church-going very Christian woman’s mouth!

  2. The Diminished Capacity Kid’s inability to keep a permanent address for almost two fucking years might have something to do with the agency’s not being to ask him about his welfare fraud.

    Besides, I’m almost certain that DUMBFUCK was agitating for whistleblower protections at some point.

    • Exactly. He’s had, what, five or six different addresses in the last six months? And he said that only his online access was blocked, so it looks like an automatic fraud alert. So, is he going to milk something that happens to millions of people of every day into another faux attack on him? Like the non-slashed tires?

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  4. Maybe somebody sent his IFP application to them. Or maybe his 48 state road trip beg.

    Are you sure you’ve got Parkinson’s DUMBF*CK? Are you sure enough to prove it to someone other than yourself?

  5. Has LOLZsuit 8 hit the permanent dumpster yet? If not, I claim Friday as the day he submits a fourth(?)/fifth(hic!)/sixth(?) amended complaint alleging that one of the not-yet-defendants committed the foul deed.

    As for evidence, well, we don’t need no stinkin’ evidence!

    • “Why I repoted Stranahan to child protective services.
      Written by: LiberalGrouch on January 26, 2013.
      I have nothing but suspicions and a gut feeling. But things just do not smell right to me. No, sir. No, ma’am. They do not. I am a father. I am a grandfather. I am an uncle. And I know how children are supposed to be cared for, educated and treated.”

      Apparently, a “suspicions and a gut feeling” are all that is required in BS’s code of ethics to report innocent parties to the authorities. Oh, that and not “smelling right.”

      Yes, he is a father whose children don’t want anything to do with him after he divorced their mothers, and who has not even met some of his grandchildren, by his own admission. His oldest son claims that he met BS for the first time when he was TWENTY.

      • What?!? You mean the Lyin’ of Lebanon was caught lying…and proof of his lie was easily posted? I am shocked, SHOCKED, I tell you….

        …eh, not really. Dumbfuck’s gotta dumbfuck, after all.

  6. Er, wait… the VA? I thought he ETSed the Navy in the usual way – not a medical discharge, ergo no pension payments. And “Parkinsons” developing in subsequent years wouldn’t count as a “service-related disability.”

    [I, for instance, have neurological problems that have nothing whatsoever to do with my time in the Army. I may be disabled, and I may be a vet, but I am most assuredly NOT a “disabled veteran.”]

    [Oh hey… has Bill been claiming to be a “disabled vet?” That’s a burn in Hell offense, as far as I am concerned.]

    So, what am I missing?

      • He said before it was 10%. I say he’s a fucking pussy bitch. I’m looking at double knee replacement from my time in service along with a bunch of other brothers that jumped out of planes with me and I’m pretty sure none of us is claiming a disability. Cowardly stolen Valor cock holster.

  7. Reposting this question from Sonoran Conservative to see if anyone knows – Do they open a new investigation and freeze the person’s account each time someone reports possible fraud being committed by someone on disability?

    That would be a real bitch if it happens wouldn’t it?

      • That would be my guess too. I have an actual real combat veteran on 100% disability in our family. Schmalfeldt is probably on electronic deposit but didn’t forward a mailing address or returned a required form. They froze the payment not his bank account.

        Or maybe Trump decided to thump him? This is a possibility and I would advise him to file a case against Trump and the VA tomorrow for violating his resistance rights.

      • I’m pretty sure you’re on to something here. After so many address changes in so short a time period, he probably didn’t return something in time. Guess it’s his fault. And his little tantrum will disappear into the ether as a result because he won’t ever come back and say “well, it was my fault, and not those darned lickspittles” because that’s not good optics, now is it?

    • @NiocoleBonnet1 and Thomas A Mix were posting a few years back inciting people to report me for Workers Comp Fraud an SSDI fraud. I never heard from either agency. I’m sure if there was a report it got filed in the correct place

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  9. I have some advice for Bill.

    Parkinson’s is a condition that causes slowness of motion and decreased manually dexterity. This means that people who actually have it are unable to post lots and lots of full length, typo free tweets in under a minute per tweet. So if you want to successfully fake advanced PD, you really should stop doing this.

    Otherwise someone might report you for this apparent fraud.

  10. Come on. We all know the besotted old fool Schmalfledt just mis-typed his password too many times (Did I type 7 or 8 “o”s for “Hooooooooge!”?), and the system just locked him out. Then he needed an excuse for his snaggle-toothed roommate on why he couldn’t tell her if they had enough cash for the rest of the month for her vaping addiction.

  11. Notwithstanding the enormous hilarity of Bill’s misfortunes; I must take umbrage with your numbering system, Mr. Hoge. I believe that since the second and third iterations of the Feldtdown were effectively aftershocks from the original, they should be numbered 1.1 and 1.2 (alternatively 1.1.1) respectively to reflect the correlation.

    Just my $0.02.

  12. I think someone should bet Mr. Schmalfeldt whether the VA or any authorities contacts a lickspittle offender about his bank account and VA payment issues. If his conversation with the VA (or bank) is real and the offender was really identified today as he says, I’m confidant he would be willing to bet $100 to be paid to a charity of choice. Veterans take care of veterans and he couldn’t possibly lose.

  13. I did it.
    And so what if I did?
    I will have been doing it around five weeks after three weeks ago when I am done being doing what I haven’t done it. (temporal grammar be hard).

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