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As I noted yesterday, The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s informal opening brief for his appeal of the Kimberlin v. Frey RICO Remnant LOLsuit is due to the Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit by close of business today. We’ll see if he makes it. While we wait, I’ve republished the series of posts from four years ago today that dealt with Bill Schmalfeldt’s motion to modify the first peace order issued against him. That running account of the Cabin Boy’s™ follies, beginning with the day’s TKPOTD, is below the fold.

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Team Kimberlin Post of the Dayhindenburg_OKThe giant gas bag prepares to travel to Westminster.

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A Day in Court

Today is the day for the hearing in Circuit Court on Bill Schmalfeldt’s motion to modify the peace order issued against him. The net of what he is asking for is to be allowed to harass me if he calls what he’s doing “journalism.”

I have an early morning appointment with my lawyer after which we will head over to the courthouse. I’ll blog about the result of the hearing when it’s over.

* * *

Oh, the Humanity!Hindenburg_burningIt burst into flames! It’s fire—and it’s crashing! It’s crashing terrible! … Oh, the humanity … it’s just laying there, a mass of smoking wreckage. … This is the worst thing I’ve ever witnessed.

The Cabin Boy did not do well today. Res judicata won the day, and the peace order remains in force.

* * *

My Morning in Court

We were called in to the courtroom at around 10 am, and after a few preliminary matters, Bill Schmalfeldt called me as his witness. I was on the stand for about 25 minutes and answered fewer than 10 questions. Most of the time was spent either by my lawyer objecting (and the judge sustaining her objection) on matters of relevance or Judge Stansfield correcting Schmalfeldt’s misunderstandings of legal concepts. In particular, the judge repeatedly had to explain that a hearing on a motion to modify deals with what has happened since a court order has been issued, not the evidence that led to the court order. The judge explained that there would be no new trial unless the Court of Appeals remanded the case back to the Circuit Court ordering one.

The judge explained to Schmalfeldt that there is no exception to Maryland’s harassment statute for “journalism.” He also explained why the U.S. v. Cassidy case did not bear on the facts or the law in Hoge v. Schmalfeldt.

None of Schmalfeldt’s exhibits were received into evidence.

When Schmalfeldt rested his case, the judge dismissed the petition on his own motion. My lawyer did not have to present my side of the case.

UPDATE—Schmalfledt never got around to making his argument based on the wild idea that the peace order violated the Americans with Disabilities Act.

UPDATE 2—Stacy McCain has some thoughts here.

* * *

Prevarication Du Jour

Bill Schmalfeldt is fantasizing that Brett Kimberlin’s frivolous RICO suit has struck fear into the hearts of the five defendants in his similarly meritless state lawsuit, and that our lawyers are no longer interested in representing us.ftrrnews201310161835ZFear? Well, not exactly in my case. I learned of the case by checking the Cabin Boy’s blog at 9 this morning. My lawyer for this morning’s hearing had stepped out of the conference room to check on something, and when she returned, I was laughing at the major stupidity of Brett Kimberlin’s action. On advice of counsel, I’ll say no more than that.

And as to the matter of having counsel to advise me, no one who is on board the current legal team has expressed any interest in leaving. A second attorney will likely be lead counsel for the RICO suit, but there’s plenty of time to sort that out.

UPDATE—Kimberlin Unmasked is also suitably unimpressed. [bad link]

* * *


This is clearly a violation of the peace order issued against Bill Schmalfeldt.ftrrnews201310161609aZ

* * *

False Prophecies

Bill Schmalfeldt is a false prophet, or perhaps I should say he has a rather poor record of predicting my future.prophecy1As Judge Stansfield told him, the things already decided by the Court weren’t up for review in a motions hearing. Res judicata and all that. And the 24 alleged perjuries in my lawyers answers to his motion were never discussed. My disagreement with his point of view did not constitute perjury, and, even if it did, it wasn’t relevant to his motion.prophecy2Schmalfeldt seems to be confused about the relationship between civil torts and crimes. There was essentially no chance of my being arrested today.prophecy3I pointed out in an earlier post that I already have a nice pair of Smith & Wesson Stainless handcuffs left over from previous employment. I really do. I found this old picture of them.cuffsUPDATE—To answer inquiries, it’s a Colt Detective Special (Third Model).

* * *

One Final Comment …

… on today’s hearing in Hoge v. Schmalfeldt

* * * * *

Everything proceeded as I had foreseen.

14 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Actually, the post was not about the tweets, it was about your incompetence. The tweets only provided convincing evidence, as if anyone needed any more convincing.

    Sorta like when you went to North Carolina and admitted you harassed Sarah Palmer.. right there.. in open court.. of your own free will.

    When you share such incompetence, I would imagine history will not be very kind to you. Or the historians lulz muscles.

    • I was struck by the AMAZING similarities between what Our Gracious Host went through in that hearing and what I went through in mine. Most of the time was eaten up by Bill droning on and on and the Judge telling him that he couldn’t do that and that things didn’t work that way and that he needed to just “move on.”

      It seems that Bill Schmalfeldt fails over and over again to learn from the past. Which is why he thinks it’s foolish to remind people of what happened four years ago.

    • I want to know why he’s stalking all of us by following every comment made on a blog he deems irrelevant. Creepy.

    • Says DUMBF*CK while desperately trying to gain some sort of relevance by rehashing his 5 year old slanderous nonsense against Lee Stranahan. Kinda odd for someone who “just wants to be left alone.”

  2. Bill claims several places as “His town”. (Let not the fact the he’s been run out of or abandoned all of them get in the way of his fantasy.)
    Bill CLAIMS to be a Packer fan. (Now, now, settle down, no one mentioned fudge Bill).
    Bill is agitating on the twitter to replace Aaron Rodgers with Kapernick. So what logic could Bill possibly be using to think Kapernick would be a good QB for the team?
    During his 6 years with the 49’s he LOST more games then he won. Well, Bill is a perpetual loser too so maybe he feels a kinship with another loser.
    The Packers have said Hundly is their best chance to keep winning. The people that run the team, people who know FAR more about football that Schmalfeldt ever will have a plan in place, have had a plan in place and are now executing the plan. But Bill knows better then they do. Sound familiar? Bill always knows better then everyone. I remember when he knew better then the entire legal system and stumbled into court, admitted to stalking Ms. Palmer and earned a shiny new restraining order.
    The fans of Green Bay, not the virtue signalling posers like Billy Boy, would revolt if Kapernick was brought in. They know they need someone that will unite the team and help them win. Bringing in a divisive figure who is not a very good QB would be a disaster. But this is exactly what Bill wants. Why? Doesn’t he want his team to win? Bill start betting against his “home” team? Or is Bill just a giant pussy who must fling this ridiculous shit on twitter in hopes that he’ll get that much craved pat on the head from some other basement dwelling ‘resistance’ loser for his courageous stand in shilling for a self proclaimed lover of communist mass murderers and cop hater? Embrace the power.

    • Oh, definitely embrace the power. This posturing over a silly football player who isn’t good enough any longer just because he is politically fashionable is laughable.

    • He’s virtue signaling. It’s VERY IMPORTANT SJWs show that they on the right side of any issue. How do you know what’s the right side? It’s where all the other SJWs are.

      Schmalfeldt is making sure his peeps know he’s with ’em.

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