Trump Obeys Constitution—Democrats Hardest Hit

The Constitution specifically forbids the spending of any money from the Treasury of the United States unless the expenditure is authorized by a law passed by Congress. Congress has never authorized any Obamacare subsides, and a federal court has ruled them unconstitutional. President Trump has ordered that no further unconstitutional payments be made. The whining by the Democrats in Congress and with media bylines is interesting to watch.

The President sure is unpredictable. Why, the next thing you know, the President might do something like start acting as if treaties have to be ratified by the Senate.

7 thoughts on “Trump Obeys Constitution—Democrats Hardest Hit

  1. We might not need Repeal & Replace this year. This thing alone will help hasten the collapse of the ACA-based structures. More than half the policies on offer in the marketplace are already unaffordable by the ACA’s own terms. We’ll reach 90% really quickly.

  2. The way the media are hailing the 18 state attorneys general which are demanding in federal court court that Trump violate both the constitution and another federal court’s explicit order, is exceeded in insanity by their lauding of the federal judge who issued the doubly unconstitutional order these crazy states demanded.

  3. “May you live in interesting times.” I don’t know if that really is an old Chinese curse, but it fits these days.

    • I have heard it is a curse over and over again, and it can certainly act as a curse, depending on what makes the times interesting. Chines “interesting times” included famine, revolt, crime waves, diseases, terrible weather, and misgovernment. So these time we are in are interesting lives! And we get hear about it from all around the world, too. Media! Bah. — BJ54

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