Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Yep. We’re still waiting for news from the pending Team-Kimberlin-related court cases, so here’s another example of false reporting by the Cabin Boy™ caused by his limited understanding of how the Internet really works. This was originally published as a Prevarication Du Jour on 13 October, 2015.

* * * * *

The Cabin Boy™ has posted what he claims to be the text of an unsolicited comment he allegedly received to one of his posts. He says that he believes that the comment is from [redacted] in Manassas, Virginia. He claims to have traced the IP address back to a cell tower near where [redacted] lives, and he provides a map with the location of the cell tower shown.

According to the several utility databases, there is a cell tower within a few dozen feet of the location shown. However, according to the FCC, [redacted]’s cellular provider is not on that tower. Moreover, why would [redacted] use his cellular connection if he were at home. Even he were using his phone instead of a computer, he would more likely use a the wi-fi connection into his landline cable provider to avoid data charges and for higher speed.

This leaves several possibilities. One is that one of the Cabin Boy™ “friends” is pranking him. Another is that the whole thing is a lie. Or perhaps it’s something else.

UPDATE—I’ve just verified how IP addressing works for mobile devices. The IP address seen by the Internet looking back at a mobile device is actually the address of a server at the cellular ISPs point-of-presence. For example, my portable wi-fi hotspot is sitting on our kitchen table in Westminster, Maryland, and I can see the lights on the carrier’s tower out the living room window, but the IP address associated with it on the Internet is in Arlington, Virginia.

pantsonfireIn order to determine the address of a connection all the way back to a cell tower, one needs to go through the carrier’s internal connection logs. That requires a subpoena. How many of you think that the Cabin Boy™ was able to get a subpoena for information sent this afternoon, serve the subpoena, and get the response from [redacted]’s cell phone carrier in a matter of a few hours? For that matter, how many think he could get such a subpoena in the first place?

* * * * *

And the Cabin Boy™ thinks that he’s going to be able to use the discovery process in his LOLsuit VIII to force ISP and the like to disgorge all sorts of information about the IP address and that hie can use them to identify more of his perceived enemies. Even more silly, he thinks LOLsuit VIII will survive long enough to allow for any discovery.

11 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. I love it when the King of Stupid plays Forensic IT detective. It always works out so well. Who can forget the classic, “I am being threatened and I have the IP address to prove who is doing it!” The IP address he presented was Hahahahahahahahahaha. Oh Bill, you are a card.

  2. If we ever do get to discovery (*snort*), I would love to be a fly on the wall when I provide him with all the information about my supposedly dastardly move. You know, the one which caused him to harass me, yet again, which led to him getting yet another restraining order. The look on his face? Will be awesome. Thankfully, we’ll all hear the sputterings of “LIAR!!!!! FORGERY!!!!” All the way from South Cackalacky and will reap many lols from it.

  3. Poor lit cast shadows
    Silence, garlic, stale gin
    Screens cast faint flickers
    The erie duet of stereo f5s
    Seething, stuttering noiseless agony
    Relief eludes 2 souls
    Life, unlived clicking away
    A door, weighing emotional tons
    No escape, no sound but the deafening gloom

    • The poop seeps in on little cat feet
      Tainted bedsheets, t-shirts stinking
      Of occasional top shelf bourbon
      Gay manga porn –
      Not that there’s anything wrong with that –
      strewn across the
      Bathroom floor while sunshine knifes
      Through blinds drawn to keep out glare
      MSNBC, keyboards, mouse clicks
      Drown out the seagulls and crashing waves
      The beach life beckons
      Mobile Command Center sits neglected,
      Forgotten, unused as angry resistance
      Fights from inside the cell
      The prison of its own construction

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