6 thoughts on “A Kiss of Patriotism

  1. I saw that there was a news story (quickly followed by denial and a retraction) that someone had said that Kaepernick would stand for the anthem if he were signed by an NFL team. It was neither Kaepernick nor anyone in his camp who said so, and the person named as the source was not authorized to speak on his behalf in this matter.

    Your basic fake news, in other words.

    But this flash fire of a story illustrates very clearly the simple reason that Colin Kaepernick is not on an NFL roster and is unlikely to be ever again.

    With the help of a sympathetic media he is no longer a football player who kneels in protest for the national anthem…

    He’s a cause who happens to want to play football on the side.

    And that is an image problem – perhaps not in the league offices, but it’s rat poison that no team wants to swallow, and no one can force them to.

    Johnny Manziel will be back in the NFL before Colin Kaepernick.

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