Programming Announcement

Alas, the Real World has interfered again, and I’m left without a script for Blogsmoke for this evening.


Monday is Columbus Day (Observed). I’ve heard a rumor that Johnny Atsign may have discovered something interesting.

3 thoughts on “Programming Announcement

  1. Good first step – admitting that you’re stiffing the American taxpayer, don’t your think?

  2. First, I go jeeze. How stupid can you get? Second, I think, that’s just beyond pathetic that he imagines that’s a burn or insult. I mean, look at where the Useless FatBastard usually lives and now with whom [with what?] and compare and contrast. Then I think, who has had the better life and career? Finally I realize fat, drunk, and stupid is not a bad way to go through life so much as it appears to one person to be a desirable lifestyle. Roll it all into one stinky ball and I know who will sniff it appreciatively.

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