9 thoughts on “I’m Not Making This Up, You Know

  1. I wrote to my congressional representation about this. The data is used in sensitive spots. With all the exfiltrated data, this is stupid. IRS needs to paradigm shift to talking to people in-person while checking IDs instead of knowledge-based authentication for primarily telephone interactions. It would cost slightly more but be safer.

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  3. Anybody can screw things up. To screw up beyond recovery is difficult, but Equifax did it. [Did their IT person really only have an MFA degree?] But if you screw beyond recovery AND have ‘friends’ in the government you can live to screw up totally again.

    • especially if you have a (D) after your name. At least that’s a passing grade, if you’re on the usual sliding scale all liberals use. Scale slides up for some groups and down for others, though. — BJ54

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  5. I hate initially reacting and then later figuring out what was going on with the story.

    The matter in question is the IRS system known as “Secure Access eAuthentication” which is described in Internal Revenue Manual section which can be read here: https://www.irs.gov/irm/part21/irm_21-002-001r#idm140470273632176

    I encourage reading that. Note that it references using Equifax to verify your identity. Those details have been breached. Apparently IRS is negotiating with one of the other credit bureaus to be able to conduct what’s called “Knowledge-Based Authentication” so you can use their online systems. Then again, a good chunk of their own employees cannot even pass those authentication measures to use those systems.

    We’ll see what erupts.

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