My Comment on Las Vegas For Now

The mass shooting was mind-bogglingly horrible.The shooter is still an enigma, perhaps mad, perhaps evil, perhaps both. The heroism of the many who tried to protect their fellow concertgoers was inspiring. The prayers and support for the survivors and the families of the dead, especially as exemplified by the people who lined up to give blood, is admirable. The politicization of the event is despicable.

I’ve been struggling to find the words to describe my unease and distaste for some of the reactions to the shooting, and a post at The Writer in Black does a better job than I probably can. After going through several examples of hate-filled comments on social media, the post concludes with these words—

Normally, at this point I would make some statement to sum up the post but…I got nothin’.  There are just no words.

Read the whole thing.

8 thoughts on “My Comment on Las Vegas For Now

  1. I don’t know what is more mind-boggling. That the politicization of these tragedies keeps continuing even before the poor victims are cold or that the most rational discourse without politicization I’ve seen about them can be found on an alleged “trolling, doxing, Nazi-affiliated” site dedicated to laughing at Christian Weston Chandler and other idiots on the web.

    Strange times indeed.

  2. I have some words for them: sinners. We are all sinners, but liberals do not believe that they are. Only conservatives are sinners in their world because we have standards. (GASP!) AND we strive to live by them. Liberals have no standards so they have nothing to judge by. They accuse us of hate but how can what they are saying about these victims be anything but hate? — BJ54.

  3. I have concluded that I will probably understand the shooter better than the people on social media expressing such ugly sentiments. Worse, these are poses they expect to be applauded for adopting!

    Phone, train.

  4. These are evil people who gain their only self esteem from sharing a list of people that they hate. It is their hate that defines them.

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