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  1. Should we expect opposing counsel to confirm that they have no objection to this motion? Or is it another Brett Kimberlin fabrication? I hope one of the Appellee demand proof he is traveling out of the country, cause I’d love to know where he is going and how he is paying for it.

    • Not expressing an objection to him doesn’t mean they have no objection.

      Personally, I hope he’s overseas paying for more forged documents and that he’s not interrupted.

      • Probably a bunch of forged birth certificates. I hear they’re handy for those with certain proclivities, foraging for talent east of the Danube.

    • The court probably doesn’t care.

      What I am curious about is how he travels outside the country. Most countries dislike our felons coming to visit. Bombers in particular.

      Phone, train.

      • Yeah, how is it that someone still on parole can leave the country whenever he wants? I know people on probation(for waaaay less serious stuff than him) that can’t even leave their state without written permission.

  2. I have two questions for my Senator’s Why is this SOB not on the no fly list? Being convicted bomber should put you close to the number one spot. Re being a convicted bomber on parole how in the hell does he have a passport? He should never be allowed a passport for the rest of his life.

    • Notwithstanding the witty responses above, he is the blogger known as Patterico. An assistant LA county DA with the gangs unit. He was SWATted several years ago, and there is significant circumstantial evidence that Brett Coleman Kimberlin, aka The Speedway Bomber (who could provide “…not one scintilla of evidence…” at trial that he is not a pedophile), ordered said SWATting. Brett sued him for a bunch of stuff (butthurt mainly, but including harassment under color of law); he lost, and has now filed an appeal to a higher court. caveat: Brett is not appealing.

      Pardon my sentax, but it’s important to clearly identify which Brett Kimberlin I’m suggesting desired the SWATting.

      FWIW, I think Neal Rauhauser actually did the call spoofing; but I have very little to base that on mostly hearsay; call it a hunch.

  3. I’m not a lawyer and I didn’t stay at a Holiday Inn either, but I’d think Frey’s counsel would object to anything the Tiny Pedo asks for. He already got an extension he didn’t deserve why grant him another?

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