Reaching the End of His Leash

The Court of Appeals has granted The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin some slack—

Any further request for an extension of time in which to file the informal opening brief shall be disfavored.

Tick, tock.

17 thoughts on “Reaching the End of His Leash

    • Really?

      Far as I can tell, they don’t take any vexatious litigation or outright harassment seriously unless and until a court official or agency employee gets targeted. Look at how much crap Deb Frisch got away with.

    • Because God forbid any $#@&%$#@* LibTard snowflakes actually be made to suffer for failing to follow the rules.

      This is not an aberration, it’s not an accident. Placing those who follow the rules at a disadvantage is the system working as they intend it to.

      A fact that needs to be pondered long and hard when the question comes up, “Is it time to start decorating lamp posts with Yer Honors and Esquires?”

  1. They did not explicitly rule out turning it in late and/or over the page limit so those are still viable options.

  2. Notice how he got people to pay attention to him just a little bit longer. The Process IS the Punishment. He still thinks if everything caves in around him, he will still be standing just fine. And he can start the crap all over again. “Lawsuits for the rest of their lives.”

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