Having a Life

Jon Gabriel has a post up at Ricochet called Red Team? Blue Team? Start Your Own Team. It deals with last weekend’s Twitter storm between multimillionaire politicians and multimillionaire sport celebrities—and how Gabriel opted out of caring and lived his own life instead.

Politicians are just temp employees we hire to do our bidding. If they suck, we fire them. They aren’t gods we bow to or team owners issuing orders. We’re Americans, dammit.

Celebrities are court jesters we pay to amuse us. When they get too mouthy, we kick them out of the dining hall. That’s the beauty of capitalism.

So, if any of our so-called elites want me to join their team, no thanks. I simply have better things to do. Today I saw one of my daughters dominate a cross-country race and my other daughter played me a song on her guitar. I took them out for lunch, listened to a cool podcast, then decided to write for a while.

In other words, I left the football stadium and started my own pick-up game. If the Twitter warriors want to join me, cool. If not, that’s cool as well. I just hope they consider setting down the phone for a while and starting their own thing.

Read the whole thing.

3 thoughts on “Having a Life

  1. I think Jon Gabriel got the point the President was making while expressing the national Id. He fired the football players entirely from his life. Life still went on.

    This is probably why much of the TV fare at home now revolves around American Pickers, Forged in Fire, and Food Network. Bladesmithing is cool even if I don’t have the spare capital for it right now to try it myself. I’m waiting for the Cake Wars/Forged in Fire cross-over special with Doug Marcaida cutting cakes with whatever blades were made.

    Also, I had domestic missions work on Sunday for church.

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