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Yesterday’s TKPOTD must have stoked some envy out in Sutter County, California. Very Ordinary Seaman Ferguson had this exchange with the Cabin Boy™ yesterday—

I’ve never heard lorddewclaw play either live or on a recording, so I can’t comment on what kind of musician he is. However, I have heard recordings that VOSF has posted of his alleged music. Based on what I’ve heard, I doubt that he could have made it as a sideman on any of Brett Kimberlin’s recordings. I’d advise him not to give up his day job, but I’m not sure he has a real one.

38 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. It would be cool at the next Royal Order of Water Buffalo Zombies meeting if I could play for you all….


  2. There is no evidence that any member of Team Kimberlin is a musician – in fact, I think existing data shows that none of them have any musical talent of note. And has lorddewclaw ever claimed that was him in the avatar? Lots of people use all sorts of images in their avatar – you can’t assume that an image of somebody in an avatar is actually the person using the avatar.

    I would STRONGLY urge Team Kimberlin to not attempt to dox lorddewclaw – they will NOT be happy with the results. But then, they aren’t known for making smart decisions…..

  3. Little Willie has a day job? You mean other then being a stoned loser and trolling the internet for pictures of 14 year olds so he can publicly declare he wants to f*ck them?



    Ninja, pleeeeeze…

    And who would these mystery people who so love your music be?

    The stoner coalition that congregates in your mom’s basement…. ooops… I mean, your “apartment,” bakes their remaining two brain cells into oblivion, and couldn’t distinguish your electonica din from the noise of your mom washing dishes upstairs? Those people?

    If you made $10 off of your music, you were overpaid by about a million bucks.

    Talentless. Hack.

    • IANAL, but I’ve had lawyers adopt the reasoning from one of my appeal briefs by reference into the brief filed for their client—and we won that appeal. So at least a few lawyers and a panel of judges at the Fourth Circuit have accorded my legal skills some bit of respect.

      As for VOSF’s music, … has anyone ever covered one of his “tunes”?

      • “So at least a few lawyers and a panel of judges at the Fourth Circuit have accorded my legal skills some bit of respect.”

        And, to the best of my recollection… you have never mailed a court filing to yourself, Gentle Host. 😂

        Fifi Fergie sure is a speshul kind of stoopid. *smh*

    • “(T)hrows feces at the wall…”

      Well, if anyone would have experience at that, it would certainly be Schmalballz.

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