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The most widely viewed post ever published here at Hogewash! was this review that Mrs. Hoge and I did in July, 2012, of the CD Nothing Else by Bret Kimberlin’s band Epoxy.

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Back in 2002, Brett Kimberlin fronted a band named Epoxy and released a CD called Nothing Else. The story he spun promoting the album was that it contained songs that he had written while he was being held as a political prisoner in the federal prison system.

The band consisted of Brett Kimberlin on guitar and vocals, Wade Matthews on Bass, and Robbie White on Drums. The genre of the album is someplace between grunge and punk, neither of which are among my favorite musical forms.

Let me first comment on Mr. Kimberlin’s voice. I had heard his speaking voice in court, and I understand why some people refer to it as whinny. His singing voice reminds me of the silly voice that Weird Al uses on tracks such as Eat It. Mrs. Hoge, who listened through the CD with me, said, “Eddie Haskell.” On most of the tracks his voice was off key, usually flat.

Most of the songs could have been filler tracks on a generic grunge album. Some of the alienation in them seems to be more appropriate for a 17 year old, not someone 30 years older. Mr. Kimberlin was in his late 40s when the recording was made. However, three of the songs stood out. Vicegrip was actually interesting musically. Donuts had clever lyrics. It’s about lousy prison food and would probably get a nod of approval from G. Gordon Liddy.

Then there’s the last cut Keyhole. It was outstandingly bad. Mrs. Hoge and I met while we were in the music business, and during her career as a recording engineer, she recorded more gold and platinum records than I did. Her comment was, “If you’re gonna mike a guitar that close, you should use a better guitar and make sure it’s in tune. And get a better guitar player.”

While he didn’t do especially well with the acoustic guitar on Keyhole, Brett Kimberlin is actually a reasonably good guitarist. He probably couldn’t cut it in Nashville or LA, but could make a living in a minor market (such as Seattle) or playing the Holiday Inn circuit. Indeed, the world would be a better place if he did ignore the usual advice and give up his day job.

Nothing Else by Epoxy (Pollen Records, $16.04 from Amazon) is interesting because of who recorded it, but I can’t honestly recommend it for the musical experience it offers.

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It’s still available through Amazon, but the price is now $17.51 for a new CD. Used copies are $2.05 and up.

16 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. I know a bit about music too….

    Brett Kimberlin is a hack. His vocal stylings are a cheap ripoff of Neal Young, minus the talent. His guitar skills are not overly impressive, and his lyrics suck.

    And even with all that… he is heads and tails better than the Malignant Moronic Manatee. His musical talent is on the same level as his comedic talent…

    Non existent.


    Well thank God xe had the public tit to suck from so xe could get that $1500 cat from Russia. Can you imagine if xe actually had to take responsibility? Heck, xe’d only be able to rescue a common cat from the pound. Xe really dodged a bullet there.


    OH NOES!!! I have been “called out” by the final member of the no talent trifecta, Sub Aerola (aka FiFi Ferguson) or whatever….


    Dude, you are the absolute LAST person on this planet who should be talking yang about their (or anyone elses) musical skills. You stink on ice. You have for a very long time. Electronica is for computer literate losers who think they can compose music, and then let a midi board and a cpu (try to) do all the work.

    And even then you suck.

    You , the talentless midget, and the Malignant Moronic Manatee should get together with your Fisher Price music makers and knock yourselves out trying to become the next AGT winner.

    We’ll be over here laughing at you.


    • Ok a piece of advice freely offered. IF you do not want people to comment on your life style, cheap objects you acquire, or stupid things*** that you do then do not post it on the web for the whole world to know about.

      ***you know malicious law suits, bad books, pictures of so called loved one not at their best.

      If bill schmalfeldt would just do that…….

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