Mean Words

Dystopic has an essay over at Declination about mean words and fake jokes in the context of “the First Amendment and … boobs” and the faux rage of SJWs.

Such Leftists want us to assume that they are acting in good faith, and then treat us as if we are acting in bad faith. This gives them a sort of social arbitrage in open debate, a sort of home field advantage, if you will, that the Rightist must overcome. And given the reach of the modern media, that advantage has become quite substantial. It’s time to deprive them of it. Assume no good faith. If you believe a Leftist is truly acting in good faith; if you don’t get the sense that he is lying and attempting to reframe everything to his advantage, then all is good. But be on your guard. The Leftist who avoids this tactic is becoming an endangered breed.

Read the whole thing.

I’ll add that its not unusual for people on opposing sides to wind up hating one another. As it says in Proverbs 29:27,

A dishonest man detests the righteous,
and the upright in their ways detest the wicked.

Which side are you on? Are you sure?

20 thoughts on “Mean Words

      • “As Christians, we are not to judge as that is the purview of Christ.” That is exactly what I was thinking. I’m not sure the analysis need go further. I don’t claim to be in a position of knowledge or authority on that. I suppose a person who is without sin would be free to discern, or judge, or whatever word we want to use that means the same thing. Again, I am not an authority on this, I can’t even say for certain that I have even read the whole bible from cover to cover. I would need a pretty strong authority though, and by that I mean Christ himself, to be able to justify drawing a distinction between judging and discerning. If He talked about that, I missed it.

        • And it is my prayer that your love may abound more and more, with knowledge and all discernment, so that you may approve what is excellent, and so be pure and blameless for the day of Christ ~ Philippians 1:9-10 and Hebrews 5:14 But solid food is for the mature, for those who have their powers of discernment trained by constant practice to distinguish good from evil. and Hebrews 4:12 For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart.

      • A Mennonite Elder [who was about 22 or so] once told me that being an Elder was a matter of ‘discernment — the reality’ of especially human behavior. He said, roughly and fro memory. “‘judge not, lest ye be judged’ meant that only Christ [or God] could know a man’s heart, but the Bible also says ‘by their fruits shall know them’ and means it is a good idea to watch behaviors and be a good fruit inspector”.

  1. “Which side are you on? Are you sure?”

    I would only note that we recently had an election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

    Here are some of the consequences of the respective nominees.

    Donald Trump nominated Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. Hillary Clinton supported the nomination of Merrick Garland, and, might have appointed someone even more liberal if elected. Had the Left gained a 5-4 majority on the Supreme Court the abuses of the Ninth Circuit would have increasingly been the law of the land.

    Donald Trump’s Secretary of Education Betty DeVos has stated her intention to end Barrack Obama’s policies of campuses setting up what amounts to kangaroo courts to punish men, usually, for accusations of “non-consensual” sex, which in practice was defined by the left as any sex they didn’t like. Hillary Clinton would have continued the program almost certainly.

    Donald Trump appointed opponents of Barrack Obama’s policies such as “net neutrality” to the FCC.

    The differences between the two nominees on a broad range of issues was quite stark.

    When you stand for the election of liberal decision makers, who in turn will appoint a liberal judiciary and liberal regulators, you forfeit all rights to complain about the liberal results.

    So I ask all the self-styled “never Trumpers” here,

    “Which side are you on? Are you sure?”

    • As an aside, when I noted all these things before the election I was lectured in a condescending way that Donald Trump was actually the more “liberal” of the two candidates because of a series of whatever straws they could grasp at including his sister as a possible judicial appointment, and, his infrastructure program was allegedly twice as large as Hillary Clinton’s.

      Neil Gorsuch refutes the first grasped-straw.

      At the time, I pointed out that it wasn’t true that Trump’s infrastructure program was twice as large. Hillary Clinton’s program called for $475 billion in infrastructure spending, $250 billion of which bonded by local and state governments who would have the interest on those bonds paid by a $25 billion federal fund. That was ten-to-one leverage.

      I pointed out that $500 billion isn’t twice as much as $475 billion, and the notion that the cost to the taxpayer would be twice as much was predicated on the assumption that no similar leverage was being used. Using the same leverage, Trump’s program to the taxpayer could have actually been as fifth what Hillary Clinton’s would be. I was lectured for “making assumptions,” which, of course, was exactly what those who “scored” Donald Trump’s program as costing the taxpayer $500 billion were doing.

      When the details of Donald Trump’s plan were announced, the program was to have a five-to-one leverage. So, the cost to the federal taxpayer was actually $100 billion, as opposed to Clinton’s nearly $300 billion dollars.

      But, the latter figure wasn’t accurate either. Part of Hillary Clinton’s infrastructure package was a large fund to continue interest payments on previous infrastructure programs. The programs was created on the alleged premise that the federal government would fund the interest payments for a few years until, presumably, the added revenue from the infrastructure programs would fund the interest, and, the capital expenditures, eventually.

      Hillary Clinton’s proposal was little less than a wink-and-a-nod to state and local governments that the money was free. It set the template that state and local governments could assume that the interest payment program would be renewed repeatedly for the duration of the bonds, with the inference that the federal government would repay the principle, or fund interest on its reissuance, in perpetuity.

      That would make the real score of the respective programs as Donald Trump’s $100 billion, and Hillary Clinton’s $475, before considering that state and local bond interest is federally tax-free.

      The real cost to the taxpayer was worse. When infrastructure money is made “free,”any notion of carefully weighing the cost-to-benefits ratio of infrastructure spending become superfluous. Hillary Clinton’s infrastructure program was apt to become Obama’s “shovel ready projects” part deux.

      So, again, I ask those who argued otherwise in their never Trump ragings,

      “Which side are you on? Are you sure?”

      • Just about everything, if not everything, you wrote about Donald Trump was wrong. You were wrong on his character. You were wrong on his ideology. You were wrong on his electability. You were wrong on his judges. And, you were wrong about the two candidates respective infrastructure programs.

        You failed at a greater rate than a Brett Kimberlin legal brief.

        Instead of manning up and apologizing for being wrong; instead of apologizing for being aggressively ad hominem; and, instead of apologizing for giving aid and comfort to the liberals and Democrats; instead of apologizing for preferring Garland, or worse, to Gorsuch; you have decided to double down on ad hominems by posting in a highly condescending dismissive fashion.

        Here is the bottom line: you disgraced yourself, and, I did not.

        Here is a simple admission you simply cannot make, “In appointing Neil Gorsuch Donald Trump has done more for the conservative movement than Hillary Clinton would have done in eight years.”

        That is before considering the end of kangaroo courts on college campuses in which basic Constitutional rights to due process are routinely ignored, the massive repeal of regulations, the overturning of abusive executive orders, the massive scaling back of “refugee resettlement programs, ” the greater enforcement of the borders, etc. Someday, we can only hope that school lunch programs aren’t government programs for the funding placing tofu in garbage cans. That’s in the drawing board.

        Never Trump gave aid and comfort the liberals and the Democrats.



        • How are you enjoying his insistence that DACA become permanent? (He lied about that) How about the Obamacare repeal? (He lied about that too.) Where’s the wall? (Looks like he also lied about that.) Apparently, you enjoy being lied to. I do not.

          Name one registered Republican in the White House that isn’t Donald Trump. Trump isn’t even a year in and his new best friends are Chuck and Nancy, just as I predicted would happen. He played the right to get elected, now he’s going Democrat.

          You voted for a lifelong Democrat megalomaniac game show host. Congratulations. This does not make you a conservative hero. BTW, if you’re going to praise the Secretary of Education, you might want to get her name right. It’s Betsy.

          • Pablo,

            I clearly remember the campaign, and, I clearly remember his statements about those protected about by DACA, so, you have clearly misrepresented what happened yet again.

            As to Obamacare, the real liars are those Congressmen and Senators who voted to repeal Obamacare when Obama was there to veto the bill, but, didn’t when Donald Trump said he would sign the repeal bill. And, yet again, you have misrepresented what Trump said. He correctly noted that Obamacare has failed, and, still does.

            Donald Trump has told the truth me and the American people. Donald Trump has kept his word. You are lying to me.

            As to the wall, I would only note that the reason it isn’t being built now is Republican obstruction in the House and Senate. I what the wall built. but it isn’t necessary in the next four, and, hopefully, eight years, because Donald Trump takes enforcing the border seriously. The wall would be a fact on the ground the next Democrat, or liberal Bush Republican can’t ignore in a subsequent administration.

            You can continue your canard about Donald Trump being a “lifelong Democrat,” but, that simply isn’t true. Democrats simply don’t stand for reducing illegal immigration, a much lower corporate tax rate, repealing and reducing regulations, restoring the rule of law to college students accuse of non-consensual sex, the Keystone pipeline, etc. Nor, would a Democrat appoint Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. Nor, would a Democrat stand before the UN and state the obvious: it is bloated inefficient bureaucracy that needs to be reformed. I never said Donald Trump is as conservative as Ronald Reagan was, but, I did note he was a hell of lot more conservative than Hillary Clinton. You tried to argue Clinton was at least as conservative. I was right, and, you were wrong.

            As to Chuck and Nancy, I would point out how delusional and insane your thinking is, but, the very definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Allowing relief the state of Texas to be held hostage is little less than political suicide for a Republican President. I suggest you actually read and try to understand the polls that clearly show Donald Trump supporters, such as myself who are mostly Republicans, haven’t been phased in the least. I could explain why, but, you only see what you want to see.

            Best I can tell, the Never Trump/Always Hillary accusation is that Donald Trump betrayed Republicans in Congress by agreeing to settle everything in the fall. That, it was said, granted the Democrats too much leverage. To that I say, “Poppycock!” A small child using stick on a rock has enough leverage to push the Republican members of Congress around because they won’t and can’t fight.

            Kellyanne Conway would beg to differ from your assessment, but, what is evidence in the face of what is delusional thinking? You see a “lifelong Democrat” because you can’t admit you were wrong, and, you can’t see Kellyanne Conway, because you can’t admit you were wrong. You can’t see appointing Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court was doing more for the conservative movement than Hillary Clinton would have done in eight years because you can’t admit you were wrong. Do you see the pattern?

            P.S. Donald Trump hosted the Apprentice, which is considered “reality TV,” as opposed to a “game show.” That said, I watched a few episodes of the show. I wasn’t too impressed with the show, or Donald Trump’s participation in the show. But, that said, it was honorable work. Chuck Woolery hosts a game show, and, apparently, is a conservative Republican. I would have not trouble supporting him if he were to stand for office. It is not like Donald Trump or Chuck Woolery were injury attorneys.

          • Because you’re a fanatic and you create tl;dr walls of emotive text, I’ll save myself a buttload of wasted time and just deal with your first point:
            If you remember anything other than “They have to go, Chuck. We either have a country, or we don’t have a country.” then you remember wrong, which would not be surprising.

            Even Trump’s chief cheerleader, Ann “In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome!” Coulter has figured out that she got played. One day, you might too. Or, you might just join the Democrat party with him BECAUSE TRUMP!!! I don’t know and I don’t care. But you can fold your faux moralism and your pretensions to conservatism up nice and pointy and shove them where the sun don’t shine.

          • The irony of a person who actively tried to elect Hillary Clinton President lecturing other as to who and who is not a true conservative is quite rich.

            The people being “played” were conservatives who were betrayed by folks such as those at the National Review. Stephen Molyneux had a nice video entitled Never Forget Never Trump that asked how otherwise rational people could argue self-evidently untrue premises such as the notion that Hillary Clinton was as conservative, or more so, than Donald Trump? As best as he could tell, it was the fact that the National Review isn’t funded by its subscribers, but, rather, by big-money donors, one of which, perhaps, wrote a check as a quid quo pro for assassinating the character of Donald Trump. Frankly, if even remotely true, that is appalling. My opinion, and, my judgment isn’t a commodity to be bought and sold. Nor, is that the case with any other self-respecting conservatives. The /National Review has so utterly failed the interests of conservatives, such as appointing Gorsuch’s and not Garland nor Souters, that it ought to cease publication, or declare itself Democratic, which it de facto did last spring.

          • Hey Dumbass, my official position was that I hoped Trump’s and Clinton’s planes would collide in mid-air. If you insist on re-litigating a long settled election with a strawman, leave me out of it. there is a guy who helped Hillary Clinton get eelected and he was her donor, Donald Trump.

            Conservatives don’t hump guys like this:

            You worship that guy, so don’t act like you know what a conservative is.

  2. Much of the outrage comes from people who either dress as vaginas or think doing so makes sense. Probably also not the sorts who complain about PETA’s nudity and fake blood stunts.

  3. Well, if you’ve got some prayers send them our way. NZ has an election tomorrow, and it’s been the craziest election ever. There’s a very real risk of a far-left government, though the polls have swung back rightwards in the last week or ao.

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