President Trump at the UN

President Trump spoke at the UN yesterday. The usual suspects—The Washington Post, the New York Times, Senator Feinstein, Venezuela—have all expressed their disapproval of his remarks, but Claudia Rosett has a more favorable assessment over at PJ Media. Venezuela’s foreign minister compared Trump to Ronald Reagan. He said that is if it were a bad thing.

But the bottom line is that for the first time in years, an American president went before the UN and in plain words spelled out some vital truths about America, the UN, and the world. Whatever the UN General Assembly might make of it, once it recovers from the shock, that’s a good thing for the world, and a very good thing for America.

Read the whole thing.

3 thoughts on “President Trump at the UN

  1. Doesn’t really matter. The Legacy Media has gone nuts and is determined to bring him down. They may do so. If they do, they may be very, very sorry later.

  2. Most readers of this blog know well our gentle host’s efforts for the First Amendment. Long-time readers also know his efforts in defense of the Second Amendment. Very few readers, however, know of our host’s decades long and mostly uncredited support of the oppressed people of Sudan. Without his aid many good things which have been accomplished might never have been realized. This book is one of the fruits of these efforts.

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