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Here’s another vintage TKPOTD. It ran three years ago today.

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The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin has apparently had the record of the third degree sexual offense charges filed by his wife and that were nolle prossed by the Montgomery State’s Attorney’s Office sealed or expunged. However, before that happened, I obtained a certified copy of the charging document from the court and published it. While it can’t be used in court, it is still available on the Internet. That was straightforward reporting of a crime story. TDPK tried to spin that truthful reporting into defamation as part of his Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. nuisance lawsuit.

MR. KIMBERLIN: After those charges were nolle pros, did you take a trip down to this courthouse and get a certified copy of those charges, and post them on your Scribd account?

MR. HOGE: No. Not this courthouse. They’re not kept here.

MR. KIMBERLIN: Well, whatever courthouse?

MR. HOGE: Across the street. District Court —

MR. KIMBERLIN: But — so the charges are dismissed, you come down and get a certified copy, and post them on Scribd.

MR. HOGE: Yes.

MR. KIMBERLIN: And are those charges — do you know whether those charges were not only nolle pros, but expunged and sealed by the court?

MR. HOGE: The charges are not on the Maryland Judiciary Case Search right now, so I can’t tell you what the court may have done with them.


MR. HOGE: I can’t tell you what the court did.

It wasn’t very smart of TDPK to bring up those charges. A prosecutor entering a nolle prosequi on a charge does not mean that the accused is innocent. Here’s how, first, Judge Johnson, and, second, Stacy McCain, explained nolle prosequi at various points during the trial.

The objection was sustained to that question. How is it relevant if the State entered a nolle prosequi? All that means is that the State elected not to go forward. It doesn’t mean anything to do with the substance of the charges.

Nolle pros does not mean you were falsely accused. I’ve had traffic tickets that were nolle pros. That didn’t mean I wasn’t going 85 miles an hour.

However, it did bring up the question of why, if they were bogus charges, wasn’t his wife in court to support him by testifying that we had suborned perjury and that he had not had sex with her when she was 15—was he innocent, or did he simply get away with something? That was not a good question for him to plant in the minds of the jurors.

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Of course, the case never got to the jury. Judge Johnson put it out of its misery when TDPK rested his case by granting judgment for the defendants under Rule 2-519 because Kimberlin had failed to present any evidence that we had made any false statements about him. Considering what we were prepared to offer in out defense, TDPK was lucky. He really didn’t want any of it in the record.

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  1. It’s sickening to think of all the destruction Brett Kimberlin has caused in so many people’s lives. I can’t see anything or anyone that might put a stop to it any time soon. I have hope that his evil will catch up to him in this lifetime, but I know for certain it will in the next.

    OT: “The Beetusbarrow” rides again!!


      It’s a simple lesson, if only the lying, racist, misogynist disease-faking piece of shit had the wit to learn it: if you don’t want to get your butt hurt by people pointing out the stupid shit you vomit all over the Internet on a daily basis…

      Stop vomiting stupid shit all over the Internet on a daily basis.

      Honestly, though…DON’T. If you left the Internet, my reason for being would vanish. I’d probably kill myself.

      P.S. Funniest thing today is DUMBFUCK, author of God knows how many Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V classics, stealing another bit (It’s red! Vroom, VROOM!) from a member of the Lickspittle Horde.

      Because he’s so creative and shit, and we will NEVER come up with another good name for his new fatwagon.

      • He’s lying again, of course. He says he “finally has mobility.” He had it two years ago when he bought and abandoned a $2,000+ scooter he did not need.

        He had it when Windex resulted in a miraculous reversal of PD, to the extent that he got a driver’s license, bought a car, moved to Iowa by himself 9 months ago, moved into a single family home with stairs, adopted and abandoned two animals, got a job, drove back and forth to SC alone 3 times, moved to SC by himself. And motel hopped.

        He was not “trapped in his body 4 months ago. Why, he brags about having sex, something that doesn’t come back if you lost it and have PD, as he claimed 5-6 years ago. His weight loss is due to exercise and improved symptoms, until he needs to get out of a court hearing, then he self-diagnosis withh cachexia. Like he self diagnosed 3 years ago when he got a muscle cramp, blamed PD, and confined himself to a wheelchair for life. Well, that was until he started driving again and fundraising for 12,000-mile faux vacations 7 months ago.

        His “PD” is so bad, that he has to buy wheelchairs and scooters for himself. The SC court might like to know about his apparent increase in income. He does say he has “income” in the piece below, not a pension. Good to know.

        • Is this the same alleged woman who, sua sponte, started trash talking people who had never talked about “her,” to the extent that she did a video in which “she” slurred, “Vuuuuuuuk yoooooooo, Rendlerrrrrrrr!”? The same person who tweets insults at people like John Hoge, who has never contacted or written about “her”? The same person who describes itself as a “pervert,” and has photobuckets of Japanese anime incest porn, interspersed with baby pictures (nice touch)? Who openly gives the name and location on Twitter of its unfortunate relatives (Hi, Tony!)

          Does “she” struggle in between her full-time “job” of shitposting and playing video games?
          “Try to understand what it is they hope to gain by their vile insults directed at me and a woman who has never done them a moments’ harm in her life (although she sometimes struggles with a desire to do just that.)”

      • Somebody told me you can generally tell the genuinely disabled in the US, from the extraordinarily lazy, by the retail price of the mobility scooter. For those who actually need it, a scooter is available at no cost to the user, so there’s very little incentive to economize.

      • Also, all that photo he posted needs is a sign, quoting him exactly, in which he offers to pee on a woman’s children.

  2. This really should be a Prevarication du Jour. This is how an experienced liar shifts goal posts. NO ONE DENIES HE HAS MOBILITY. That is exactly the point – ha has it, has had it, and denies he has it when it gives him some advantage.

    What BS is doing is literally setting the stage for his next court act. He may be surprised to discover that the play he’s been rehearsing is not the one that will be performed.

    “Today, I have mobility. The people who hold that against me should try to understand how happy being mobile makes me, and try to understand what evil thing there is inside them that would make them want to deny me that mobility and to lie about my condition.”

    • Gah! I didn’t use proper protection. I clicked on the link and looked at that Amazon page. Now I getting Amazon ads for that stupid scooter all over the Internet wherever I go! Amazon is getting tenacious. I should have known better.

  3. Sure he lost the case in that particular Court, but he WON it on Twitter! We all know just how important and impactful Twitter Court can be. Right? Hello? Bueller?

    OT: Has everyone seen the Twitter Attorney at Law’s brand new ride? It’s called “The Beetusbarrow” and word around town is that he got it for a couple packs of gum and [REDACTED].

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