Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

I filed this earlier this week.

That’s all I have to say publicly about my motion to amend the verdict in the Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit until the court rules on my motion.

21 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Bill Schmalfeldt implies that he is able to have sex, leading one to suspect that he denied it to his late wife on purpose by claiming he had PD:
    Compare to this, from one of his books:
    “There’s the way it [PD] can uncomplicate even the most COMPLEX relationships! My wife and I have always been best friends, partners and soulmates since we met in 1988. I love her with all my heart. Only NOW we don’t have those pesky “sex” complications that can cause disagreements and discordance in even the most STABLE marriages. If she’s not in the mood, that’s fine—cuz neither am I!”

    • How awful of the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt to lie about, and deny physical affection, to his “beloved” StGotCU… only to brag about doing as much, in the most unsavory of terms, with a creature who is not even his wife.

      What a vile monster he was as a “husband” to poor, poor Gail… just vile and awful and selfish and evil. What a blessed relief for her. Just wow.

      • One might think his current “main squeeze” [just don’t squeeze too hard and break the plastic] would consider this and be concerned, but would be wrong.

      • He was never a husband, he was a leech. He sucked the life, literally, out of her. Fetch my food, wash my shit stained underwear, file these court documents all while he sat on his ass pretending he was too disabled to help her. I have no words for someone like him.

      • You forgot Bill Schmalfeldt had Gail make its coffee, until she conveniently died. Then it got a new coffee maker, a Keurig, within a week of her death because it was extremely important. After all, it’s impossible to brew just one cup of coffee, right? [bad link. good link in comment below—wjjhoge]

        EXCEPT, that brand new Keurig coffee maker, and Gail, were just not that important after all.

        Gee, maybe this is something the inflat-a-skank would want to know. Along with this insipid vile comment by the lying racist coward AND misogynist grotesque ghoul Bill Schmalfeldt:

      • Yeah, she was his soulmate all right. Billshit!!!!

        He cuts her off from physical affection with a fake PD excuse, and then sticks her in a fucking clock after she dies.

        Did it even make the trip from Iowa?

        He doesn’t want a soulmate, he wants a slave-mate.

        • I would like to officially challenge Bill Schmalfeldt to reveal the whereabouts of his lost soulmate’s ashes. We know that her remains were ‘donated’ to a medical research facility and that the Cabin Boy later received her ashes. Further, we know those ashes were placed in a special urn containing a clock. How do we know these personal details about his deceased wife……………….HE TOLD US!!!!!!!!

          Therefore, on this 16th day of September in the year of our lord two-thousand, seventeen at 9:14 am I challenge the brilliant legal practitioner William S. Schmalfeldt to reveal the location of the clock urn containing his late wife’s remains. Photographic evidence of the urn AND anything showing the current date will be more than enough to prove you did not discard the urn containing the remains of your lost soulmate. If photographic evidence is not posted by 5pm eastern on Sunday the 17the day of September, we will know for sure that you got rid of her.


  2. $200 per infringement, would cover a lot of nights in a roach infested no tell motel in any State.
    Apologies to the Cockroach.

  3. Every time Our Gracious Host uses the phrase “because pro se pleadings should be liberally construed,” I get a special thrill. I just KNOW Our Gracious Host uses it deliberately, as a very polite way of saying “FU” to The Cabin Boy.

  4. Clear and concise, with no excursions into ad hominem, impertinent, irrelevant or scandalous material? How will the court ever make a decision?!

    Phone, train.

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