7 thoughts on “Chelsea Manning is No Longer a Fellow …

  1. The jokes just write themselves. 🙂

    The fact that Manning is no longer an inmate is a travesty of justice.

    Better when traitors were shot during wartime.

  2. In other academic news, the University of California, Berkley, has apologized for obeying the constitution, both by allowing freedom of speech in a government college, and by allowing the police to maintain order and protect the civil rights of citizens.

    Such wimps the U C administration is, allowing the Constitution and courts of the United States to push them around like that. (I say in jest.)

  3. The more Bradley Manning is in the news the longer people will remember WHY trannies haven’t been allowed in the military (except for the last few months of Queen Barry’s reign)…

    Yes. HIS name is Bradley, HE is not a girl, HE is a traitor and should have been shot..

  4. Manning was never much of a man, but having one’s doodads surgically removed no more makes one a woman than me having my leg removed will make me a pogo stick.

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