10 thoughts on “Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?

  1. I’m still shocked Trump won.

    I think everyone judging her for being a poor loser is correct in their analysis but I can’t help understanding her shock and grief. Her whole life was lived to become a President and she lost to a person she can’t grasp losing to, and the funny thing is she helped Trump win the Republican primary because she wanted to run against him.

    • She is as delusional as Unca Biwwy and a bigger narcissist than he is (if that is even possible) … Both are evil through and through and sans redemption, they will be companions on the express train down to their master’s demesne in Gehenna!

    • Yeah. A serious case of denial. She’s still blathering on about how she won more votes than Trump. It’s like constantly talking about how your team had more scores in the Superbowl because the got 6 field goals while the opponents had only 4 touchdowns.
      And I seriously want a “Godforsaken Electoral College” sweatshirt.

  2. No matter what way you put it, Hillary Clinton is the last person I’d go to for insight about the election she lost, because if she’d understood everything she’d have won.

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