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The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s use of lawfare for brass knuckles reputation management was initially successful. He was able to get a default judgment against Seth Allen, but he was only awarded a hundred bucks instead of the $2,250,000 he asked for in his LOLsuit. Since then, he hasn’t done as well—

“Kimberlin has failed …”

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  1. You know, Schmalfeldt was rambling a bunch of nonsense about what the costs were for appeals in your case and how you’re going to throw it down the drain. Seems as though the big story is how his “good friend” has spent so much money on failure. Any good reporter worth his salt would want to see how Brett is doing that since there are receipts his “charity” has been paying the legal costs..


    • Brett Kimberlin is driven. The Speedway Bomber is driven like the Energizer bunny. And Brett Kimberlin drives. Wow, does he drive.

      Focused. Deliberate. Indefatigable. And, I dare say, evil. That’s IMHO Brett; don’t sue me. All of this is intensely personal to Brett. Myself, I’d just take the money, run and work to stay below the radar. But not the Brettster- He WILL MAKE YOU PAY! If you cross him.

      Recall how quickly Brett put out the fire on trying to buy Russian docs or whatever with a ‘No comment. I wasn’t involved.’? El Kimbo DOES understand the need to avoid fame (infamy). Not sure why that doesn’t translate to all his other lawfare efforts.

      If Kimberlin put the same effort in to any other enterprise he’d be more than comfortable financially. And who says he isn’t? One of the other blogs indicated that in years past Brett owned property and horses; not a inexpensive hobby.

      The non-profit gig is such a sweet sweet scam. All of us looking for indictable malfeasance based on misuse of funds are out of luck. There are no rules regarding same. Non-profits are a completely self-policing industry. And there’s no policing. No regulations. No nothing. cf SPLC. <<>>

      OTOH. If Brett is as sloppy with the IRS as he is with the courts he IS at some amount of, as yet, indeterminate risk.

      Ok. Just to compare and contrast- Here’s Brett: Focused. Deliberate. Indefatigable. And, I dare say, evil.

      Bill Schmalfeldt? Reactive. Short-sighted. Inept. Emotional. But just like Brett, Bill Schmalfeldt takes all this intensely personally. What amazes me is that Bill will put his hand on the hot stove again and again and again. I’ve said this before but bears repeating: Only takes me 3 times (max; sometimes I get it in 1) to fail before I adjust. Bill Schmalfeldt apparently thinks failure is the gift that keeps on giving.

      Oh well. Keep your collective eyes on Brett Kimberlin. He’s the problem. Brett is the animus. Brett is betting that the odds, and karma, won’t catch up with him.

      We can only hope.

    • It’s definitely a much bigger story to talk about Kimberlin’s costs. It does make one wonder why he hasn’t bothered to tally them up in the same way.

    • “Read and Follow the instructions the Court has sent you”

      The PedoBomber may have the reading comprehension (since he IS a noted jailhouse lawyer) to understand the instructions sent to him, it is the Follow that he is unable to perform. He believes that he is TOO good to have to follow any Rules or Regulations, he is above them, thus he purposely disregards them.


  2. I can’t help but think that, with a slight modification to the title, addition of dates and court numbers, and a few more tweaks, this chart would fit in quite nicely as a proposal to declare The Sawed-Off Pedo Bomber a vexatious litigant.

    Just sayin’…

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