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After receiving an order from the Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit explaining how to file sealed documents relating to his appeal of the Kimberlin v. Frey RICO Remnant LOLsuit, The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin has filed these turkeys—

The Court of Appeals gave him 21 days to file his informal brief, and his time is up on the 14th. Now, he’s asking for an extension to 30 days after they grant his motion to unseal.

<sarc>Yeah, that’ll work.</sarc>

The informal briefing order stressed that if TPDK did not file his brief on time that his appeal was subject to dismissal for lack of prosecution.

Tick, tock.

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    • His problem isn’t that he doesn’t have access, His problem is that he can’t include the material in his brief to slander and sling mud at Patrick Frey. Which was his objection to the seal in the lower court, as well. His history of this goes back to his suit against Seth Allen and his treatment of Aaron Worthing, aka Aaron Walker. I’ve not looked at anything older than that, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a habit of that in earlier cases.

  1. The sealed documents are part of the record in the Court of Appeals. Brett does not need the records unsealed to prepare his brief. 90% probability that the appeal is dismissed on September 15.

    Brett is not a newspaper which wants to publish a story. Brett wants to unseal the records to harass Patterico.

    • Not sure I can agree with you on that, Padre.

      Based on Schmalfeldt’s published works, I predict his future writing and behavior as that of a malignant Narcissist (MN). The prototypical MN lives in unconscious terror of conscious awareness of his true situation/self worth/public persona. The observable delusions, memory failures and perceptual distortions are symptomatic of the underlying psychological defenses against conscious awareness.

      In contrast, the sociopath/psychopath is fully conscious of their evil acts. This is because the underlying pathology is based on a lack of empathy for others (they “live in a world of cardboard cutouts”, not other humans that have inherent worth as Divine creations). This lack of empathy means there’s no unconscious terror of self-awareness, hence there’s no need for the delusional psychological defenses.

      Ultimately we can only guess, as God alone knows the true heart of any individual.

      • Very true, only God knows the exact state of any soul, however He has granted discernment to mankind for the purpose of identifying evi; people so as to be able to avoid them or defeat them as the case may be!

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