Another Reason to Avoid Flying

The TSA’s security theater at the entrances to airport concourses and the general decline of the quality of service offered by the airlines has been enough to put me off of travel by air. The last time I took a commercial flight was in 2013.  Now, there’s yet another reason to stick to alternate means of travel—Lena Dunham has appointed herself The Central Scrutinizer of Air Port Conversations.

Lisa Carr has more at Victory Girls.

The wrath of Lena is coming, all. She sees and hears everything. Very ominous, indeed. I personally think the airlines need to take this as a staunch warning.

Read the whole thing and enjoy the PLM.

10 thoughts on “Another Reason to Avoid Flying

  1. I’d stock up on Ann Coulter books, maybe even something by Pope Benedict, wear a MAGA hat, t-shirt and make sure my RedWing boots have their American Flag lace keepers in place.
    Oh, practice making the my Charles Manson eyes.

  2. I haven’t taken airplanes regularly since 2012. Last I took a plane home for a funeral, and was honestly surprised how bad it had gotten.

    I won’t take anything other than Amtrak anymore.

    (Phone for Netfix, Train.)

  3. The thing about planes is, what are the odds that a random person who is a passenger on a plane is someone you would not want to be trapped in a metal tube suspended a mile or two above the earth? If it’s 1:1000 that’d be about 1 every 2-3 trips.

  4. Why is Lena Dunham even a thing? I wouldn’t recognize her if she passed me on the street. I only know about her from all the coverage she gets for doing repulsive things.

  5. Insty links to the following at U of Oregon:
    where a British conductor was sacked for a “racist” joke made to a black singer, the conductor’s good friend. Note that one of the most outraged people is the singer, who wasn’t deemed necessary to participate in the investigation.

    And the Oregonians west of the Cascades wonder why we want a state of Jefferson.

  6. What’s interesting is the response. I mean, her message was something that could and should have been ignored. There’s nothing there.

    But the airline jumped. Gee, it’s almost like someone’s been trained.

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