Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Yesterday evening, I had supper at a Chinese restaurant with a friend. I believe they gave me Bill Schmalfeldt’s fortune cookie.The Cabin Boy™ keeps projecting his motivations on to others rather than trying to understand their reasons for taking various actions. His willful ignorance is a primary cause of his repeated failures.

19 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. No, it was meant for you – as a reassurance that not even “because Maryland” will allow the forces of ignorance to be fully victorious against your legal companions of truth and law.

  2. My fortune cookies always have the same message:

    Help! Help! I’m being held prisoner inside a fortune-cookie manufacturing plant!

    Thank you all. I’ll be here all week. Try the salad bar.

  3. I’ve never served in the Navy, but according to those who know:

    Johnny Walker Red (it’s red! Vroom vroom!) bourbon belongs on the top shelf…

    …of paint lockers, to be used as thinner.

  4. Disagree. He doesn’t have willful ignorance.
    He has stupid as an inbred trait.

    And as he likes to parade his stupid for the world to see and admire, in the most offensive ways, I won’t shed a tear on his failed claims or paupers grave.

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