Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

For the first time in over four years, I don’t have a lawsuit or the appeal of a lawsuit from Brett Kimberlin pending against me. Kimberlin’s attempts to use lawfare to suppress the First Amendment rights of people who have written and spoken truthful things about him have been abject failures against those of us who stood up to him. Some of the victims of his lawfare settled for various reasons of their own, but taken as a whole, the phrase “Kimberlin has failed” is a good summation of his LOLsuits.

I beat him in four vexatious civil suits, three frivolous appeals, two sets of false criminal charges, and a bogus peace order petition. I was awarded sanctions in two of the lawsuits and one of the appeals, and I have instructed an attorney to begin the collection process.

The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin still has two LOLsuits on appeal. The Kimberlin v. Hunton & Williams LLP, et al. RICO 2 Retread Appeal is at the Maryland Court of Special Appeals. (He didn’t include me in that case, perhaps having finally figured out how res judicata works in Maryland.) The Kimberlin v. Frey RICO Remnant Appeal has gone to the Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit. I’m not going very far out on a limb to predict that Kimberlin will lose both.

He also has one other LOLsuit in limbo in the U. S. District Court for the District of Maryland. It’s styled Kimberlin v. Breitbart Holdings, et al. The complaint is sealed, so I don’t know what TDPK’s claims are, but it’s almost a year old, and the court has still not allowed summonses to be issued to the defendants. I’m going to speculate that the case will be dismissed with prejudice sua sponte as soon as the Fourth Circuit dismisses the Frey appeal. Patrick Frey is a codefendant in the Breitbart Holdings case. If TDPK has alleged a conspiracy (as he usually does), then Patterico’s res judicata defense should also apply to his “co-conspirators.” That will mean that “Kimberlin has failed” to state a claim upon which relief can be granted.

Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

34 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Brett, you’re a disgusting piece of trash who is going back to prison soon

    You messed with the wrong guys john and Aaron kicked your butt and the ass kicking party hasn’t really even gotten started

  2. This might be a little off topic, but has LardAss Willy posted the entire email he sent to Mr Nettles? I believe its was one of those adult to adult (or professional to professional or lawyer to lawyer) messages where ‘Above It All Bill’ attempts to disrupt things for his enemies. lol lol lulz

    • No he has not.

      What this silence means is obvious.

      If there had been a collegial and informative response we would have seen it, because it makes DUMBFUCK look good.

      If there had been NO response, we would know that too, because it is no reflection on DUMBFUCK’S legal acumen and skills of social manipulation.

      (Just as an aside, with his skills of manipulation and social engineering, DUMBFUCK could have been a fine hacker…if only he knew how to code his way out of a wet paper bag.)

      No, there was a response. And the swift alteration of DUMBFUCK’S opinion of Lawyer Nettles from “sane adult in the room” to “Hoge Fanboy Pro Bono” indicates the content of the response.

      DUMBFUCK probably got the most thoroughly professional and polite FOADIAF he’s ever received.

      And if if he doesn’t post it by 5:00 PM Eastern time, we’ll all know that’s exactly what happened.

      I know he’ll miss that deadline because the Really Useful Urn wasn’t Really Useful Enough to make the trip to the almost-but-not-quite-luxury-highrise-beachfront condo. But then of course, because he hasn’t proved otherwise, we can just assume our version of the facts is the truth.

      Because JOURNALISM! Yay!!

    • And he’s probably working on a motion to sanction Nettles for seeing through his “ain’t I all nice & polite & shit?” mask to the powerless sociopath underneath.

      Also a bar complaint.

  3. Wait, Brett Pedophile Kimberlin appealed his losses? I have it on the good authority of a flop house dwelling lifelong loser that filing an appeal means you are telling the judge you are smarter then they are and it also costs as much as 12 dozen gross of Inflate-A-Boy’s. So is William “Stolen Valor” Schmalfeldt saying his Pedo King is a loser who is spending thousands and thousands to salve his butthurt?

  4. For some reason Brett Bomber Pedophile Kimberlin just keeps coming up short everywhere he goes. I wonder what the problem is. I guess short is a short does or something.
    And as an aside, I thought [probably from too many movies and tv shows] that sociopaths were, highly intelligent, cunning, effective, hard to catch, etc. The bunch on Team PedoKimberlin all seem to wear fright wigs, big floppy shoes, and red balls on their noses while tripping all over each other. What’s up with that? [Admittedly, if you can move at all, wouldn’t tripping over the team captain, PedoBomberBrett be pretty easy? A low bar as it were?]

  5. Twice-divorced man, who authored an anal rape “parody” that got him booted from Daily Kos, and who claimed he was unable to have sex with his third wife, claims credit for the divorce of another person. Readers speculate as to the motives for his own divorces. Readers also wonder how these helpful admissions will play out in counterclaims.

    • You know a decent person would not brag about breaking up someone else’s marriage but then again this is Bill we’re talking about and not a decent person.

      • That’s also assuming he has the slightest clue wtf he’s talking about. As far as I know Krendler is as married today as he was 5 years ago. I wonder who he thinks Krendler is this week?

        • Exactly. What we do know for sure is that BS is twice divorced, wouldn’t have sex with his late wife, writes about anal rape, and claims credit for causing a divorce. He told us so.

  6. And I said, “Oh, boy! Right again!”

    Responding to your email of September 7.

    You asked two questions

    1. Mr. Hoge claims you contacted him and offered your services after reading about my lawsuit against him. Is that true?

    2. If so, are you aware that [Mr.] Hoge is bragging about this to his readers and about how much money he has?

    Neither of these question requires an response from me. You may assume I read Mr. Hoge’s blog on occasion. My work on this case is not charity, it is for the benefit of the public. I would request you not send me emails insulting my clients.

    Louis D. Nettles

    Translation: [redacted-wjjhoge], SOCIOPATH. PLEASE.

  7. In which Bill never learns his impertinence gets him nothing, but possibly a restraining order or other court sanction.
    The only benefit to him is immediate relief of boredom, and the delights of his personal humiliation to follow.

  8. WOW! And just last week he was wheelchair-bound again!

      • You should read his blog posts. Apparently, there is more than one plaintiff in his lawsuit, since he keeps saying “we” and “our.”

    • Who knew the cure to Parkinson’s was to lose a lawsuit but not get penalized? It’s a miracle it was discovered. It took a special juxtaposition of a Dumbf5ck and Maryland to tease out that causal relationship and bring it into the open. Would be such a shame if the Dumbf5ck portion of this miracle drowned in a hurricane right on the heels of the discovery that changed science forever.

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