The Court of Special Appeals has ruled in the appeal of the Kimberlin v. National Bloggers Club, et al. (II) RICO Remnant LOLsuit. The defendants win. Brett Kimberlin loses.

Everything proceeded as I foresaw.

UPDATE—I’d like to offer my thanks to Patrick Ostronic, my pro bono counsel, for his help in this case.

35 thoughts on “Qapla’

  1. He may be sailing under a lucky star as a defendant, but as a plaintiff, he still sucks hard. Especially when coming up against people willing to stand up to him (or should that be above him?).

    Congratulation, John, to you and the other appellees.

  2. Congrats! I hear that a certain reporter in South Carolina will write a story about how close Kimberlin came to winning this appeal despite it being heard by right wing judges.

  3. Congrats Mr. Hoge!

    BTW, on page 6 of the ruling I noticed something that might be of interest/concern to Bill Schmalfeldt’s Brett Kimberlin’s latest filing (on behalf of Bill Schmalfeldt) in Hoge v Kimberlin et al.

    As to Kimberlin’s argument that the various appellees are barred from raising res judicata as a defense because they did not initially argue that in federal court, there is no such requirement.

    • Ahh, buried in some replies. Of course, since he never posted the original, I don’t believe he actually contacted Nettles. His fit is based on various people saying in blogs that Nettles is a reader of Hogewash!

  4. This is TOTALLY believable. Doesn’t everyone write something, sign it, and then mail it to a third party to re-mail? Isn’t that the way things are usually done, instead of mailing it directly to the intended party?

      • Just to be a prick?

        To, in some incomprehensible to humans capable of logical thought, support a claim he’s askeered because his new address has been ferreted out despite his amazingly skillful and prudent efforts to conceal it i.e. blocking out part of a cross street’s name while naming the street he’s actually ON, and showing both the building he’s in and several nearby structures all easily found on Google Maps and familiar to anyone who has driven down a major tourist town’s main drag?

        Because he’s a lying liar who lies about the obvious to folks who know just how much of a lying liar he is?

        Embrace the powah!

    • You have John’s address, DUMBF*CK. How did you send it to The Diddler? Carrier pigeon?

      You wrote that like you wrote all of Krendler’s demolitions of you.

    • He claims someone else is living in Pretendy Land… While talking to his sock puppet.

      Oh, and talk about Pretendy Land: This is the Firmly Grounded in Reality InDUHvidual who tried to argue that his opponent’s lawyer needed to be removed… because he WAS NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

      You can’t make this stuff up.

  5. Of course Ol’ PotatoHead is confused and rawring about this result, but has he found time to email Patrick Ostronic to inform that Hoge is Mr Moneybags and could easily pay large fees?

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  7. “Although we agree that Kimberlin’s brief and record extract are not models of appellate litigation, we decline to dismiss this appeal on that basis.”

    See also footnote 4.

    Once again the courts bend over backwards for ‘a poor pro se.’ My HOPE is that the judges are doing this to preclude any grounds for Boom-Boom Kimberlin to appeal.

    • Footnote 4 is indeed a joy. IANAL but the way I read it is:
      “we’re dismissing this because it’s a pile of crap with no basis in law, however we could also have dismissed it because it is an incompetently filed pile of crap that omits many basic requirements. “

  8. “Again, we are exercising our discretion to review the appeal on the merits, but we make clear that we do not countenance Kimberlin’s failure to abide by the rules of appellate procedure.”

    Well, you do not COUNTENANCE Kimberlin’s intentional flaunting of the rules… Well, allrighty then!

    You just allow him to enjoy the benefits of breaking the rules (harassment of his adversaries, and amusement of himself and his sycophants, if nothing else) while suffering the horrible penalty of yet another tepid scolding by another $h!t-for-brains paragon of Maryland jurisprudence.

    I applaud Mr. Hoge’s dedication to seeing real consequences brought home to Team Pedo… but I’ve long since given up any hope of actually seeing that happen in a Maryland courtroom.

    • Nailed it you did.

      Maryland Judges seem to see no, NONE, not any issues with respect to those dealing with underhanded, playing at the margins, lying jailhouse lawfare non-accredited amateur lawyers.

      Accommodate the ‘poor Pro Se’s ‘ and pay (per direction; case law ya’ know. And if you don’t know that particular bit Brett ‘The Speedway Bomber’ adjudicated and convicted perjurer Kimberlin will point it out to you (Judge)…). Pay no attention to the (righteous) citizen dealing with vexatious assholes. No cost for said citizen there, right? Not money. Not time. It’s all good. Justice uber allies. Somebody, please, dial up the music for me.


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