Prevarication Du Jour

I will make one brief comment about the Cabin Boy’s™ opposition to my motion for an amended verdict in the Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit. He tries to improperly introduce new evidence in the form of links to copies of the posts he infringed that can be found at archive dot org. He tries to claim that because the posts were archived there, he could have lifted them from the archived version and that somehow that excuses his breaches of the 2014 Settlement Agreement. However, at least 9 of the 11 posts were archived after he ripped them off from Hogewash!So in the course trying to improperly introduce new evidence, the Cabin Boy™ is trying to claim that he could have used archive dot org copies of my posts as the sources for his infringement even though those archives did not exist when he published his infringements.

The Doctor was unavailable for comment.

25 thoughts on “Prevarication Du Jour

    • You know how you can get electricity from a potato by poking a copper electrode and a zinc electrode into it? Well if you poked those electrodes in Ol’ PotatoHead’s head you wouldn’t generate enough power for a milli-watt bulb. It’s embarrassing is what it is.

  1. I would also venture that Bill did not write most of that motion. It has too few spelling and grammar mistakes to be his work, as well as the fact that it attempts to make an actual legal point (an incorrect one, but a point nonetheless).

    Brett must have copied it from a filing in another case.

  2. Cabin Boy was precluded from introducing evidence at trial and didn’t bother to show up but thinks he can introduce evidence and argument now. That’s typical Team Kimberlin arrogance.

  3. As Douglas Adams pointed out, the trouble with time travel is not accidentally becoming your grandfather, or killing your dad. The problem is verb tense.

    As soon as this post is archived, I will have already copied it in the future, and posted it already in the past. In fact, that has already happened, or technically will have already happened and it will have been a lot of fun. The next comment below this one was, or will be, my favorite of the thread.

  4. not for nothing but shouldn’t that entire argument have been made before the court, either in pre-trial pleadings or during arguments, and not after the judgement??

  5. Since when did the source of the copyrighted material matter for copyright infringement? ”
    I didn’t infringe the movie’s copyright, your Honor, I filmed it at a theatre instead of ripping the DVD.”
    How can you be stupid enough to think that makes a difference?

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