Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

When I got home late yesterday evening after spending some time out with friends, I found a bit of a mini-Feldtdown in my Twitter Notifications. The Cabin Boy™ was running off at the keyboard with nonsense based on things he had read into some of my recent posts. Of course, nothing he was going on about had any basis in anything that I had written.

For example, he seems to think that I will pay my lawyer’s fees resulting from the collection action against Brett Kimberlin for the sanctions he owes me. I never wrote any such thing. Indeed, my letter to Kimberlin says that I would order my counsel to recover the cost of collection from Kimberlin as I am allowed to do. I expect Kimberlin to wind up paying my lawyer.

As for being flush with cash to pay for transcripts, well, yes, my current cash flow can handle the court reporter fees necessary to pay for transcripts for any appeals, counterclaims, or other filings that I can now foresee. I’ve always paid my share for the expenses for transcripts, copies, hearing audio recordings, etc. that were needed by the lawyers who have provided pro bono representation for me (and my codefendants) in cases brought by Kimberlin and Schmalfeldt. In each of those LOLsuits, the lawyers contacted me and volunteered their services after hearing about the cases. They have generously worked without pay, but I have paid for the other costs of my defense in those cases.

This site does have a Tip Jar. The tips received and the revenue from The Hogewash Store and Amazon shopping clicks first go to paying for this site’s expenses. (This isn’t a free WordPress dot com site. I pay WordPress dot com for business hosting, and there are lots of other expense.) After those expenses are met, any profits have gone to help pay for the defense expenses for other people who have been sued by The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin or the Cabin Boy™. All of the expenses uniquely involved in defending me from those LOLsuits have come out of my pocket.


69 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. There is always some scheme in his demented mind about how when he “explains” something to some stranger, that stranger will fall before Cabin Boy’s awesome powers of persuasion. Then that stranger will go off and do Cabin Boy’s will.

    The reality is that every time he spreads his bizarre insane ravings, yet another person concludes that Cabin Boy is gonzo bugnuts. And that person avoids any further contact, if they don’t get their own restraining order …

    • He’s also grubbing for information he doesn’t have and can’t get. He likes to say outrageous things to have them countered with facts that aren’t really his business.

    • It’s not like DF has any experience with lawyers rushing to help him. The one lawyer the court assigned him in Illinois couldn’t run away fast enough.

      • Remember when DUMBFUCK basically argued that Ken White OWED him pro bono representation because reasons and morals and stuff?

        Holy crap, that was funny.

    • He assumes that anyone who actually knows will tell him what he wants to hear.

      I’m going to assume, for starters, that Mr. Nettles is bound by privilege.

    • Hey Schmuckfeldt:

      No matter what else you do in life, you will NEVER rise to the level of anyone who is a member of a state bar or a federal bar. Just because you happen to be a PRO-SE plaintiff in a self generated federal lawsuit on what could best be based as poorly written fiction does not mean that YOU, in any way, are worthy of any semblance of respect because of your self-imagined legal equivalency. You have this incredibly dull expectation that filing a lawsuit immediately grants you membership in the bar of whatever jurisdiction must suffer your hare-brained antics. Nothing could be further from the truth! YOU have ZERO legal skills as repeatedly demonstrated by your filings!

      You and your inflatable playtoy need a strong lesson in manners! Your knowledge of the law is abysmal and your application to it is sophomoric at best. The only real attorney gifted to you in the Windy City couldn’t discharge you fast enough, in spite of your voluminous files of “evidence”!!

      On a personal note, I note with a great deal of glee that the one blog you recently tried to run wherein readers could comment was an abysmal failure! You simply deleted every one of my comments rather than respond. You ran away like a little boy and hid behind your blog. You are a COWARD of the first order!!!

      I salute you in language in which I am sure you must be long familiar:


    • Classic Bill. IT”S HIS RIGHT TO PESTER ANYONE HE NEEDS TO for information that is the private concern of others, which furthermore can have no effect on his current situation. It’s just a chance to bother people.


    And Nettles is not YOUR attorney, dumbass. Your e-mail will either be ignored, laughed at and then spiked, or you will be told in a most professional manner to FOAD.

  3. I have been perusing the InterWebs for a very long time, and I don’t believe I have seen a more stupider person than Sir DumbF*ck.

    If they had Darwin Awards for Stupid People that don’t injure themselves, then he would be the winner for the past 5 years running.

  4. This idiot has absolutely ZERO impulse control. When you mix that with his dear friend Mr Johnny Walker Red, this is the behavior you get. After he sends a copy to the Court, I hope Mr Nettles posts a copy on Hogewash. The PLM will glorious!!!!!!

    • A DUMBFUCK’s stupidity builds on its own momentum and the booze turns it into an actual cyclone of self-destructive ignorance.

      It’s pretty fantastic.

      • If streaming services like Netflix are serious about their business, they’ll sign him up and tell him to forget the political stuff and concentrate on his novel legal theories and social manners.

        The “Chronicles of Dumbf5ck” has been better value than anything I’ve paid to see these past five years.

          • Thank you Roy – dashed decent of you I must say! I shared one with my colleague old Egie at Headingley the other week and won a favour as a result, so double my gratitude indeed!

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  6. This is the DF 1 trick pony’s usual lame stab at sowing dissension to get someone to “roll over” and dish on everyone else. and I know ponies.
    Why does stupid always feel like it has to prove its monumental stupidity over and over again?
    Does it forget how stupid it is like a person with short term memory failure?
    Is it insane and simply has to do the same thing over and over because it will work out this time?
    Just cuz DF?

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  8. What I find remarkable, lately, is the lack of a Schmalfeldt glorious blow-by-blow re-telling of Hoge vs. Kimberlin et al. It must be killing Bill to sit on what he knows (having been relayed by his pedo master).

    Brett really lowered the boom on Bill and it’s been amazingly effective.

    So far.

  9. Like Iowa, Wisconsin, Maryland, and sundry motel attendants, they must know the carpetbagger. They’re “his” people. Why, 4-5 months is like a lifetime!

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