Prevarication Du Jour

I’m not sure whether this is the result of poor reading comprehension, hallucination, or Schmalfeldt just making things up as he goes along—(Yeah, I know. Embrace the power.)

That tweet is timestamped two minutes after the Cabin Boy™ checked into Hogewash! just after midnight, so it’s clearly a reaction to today’s TKPOTD. He seems to believe that my going after Brett Kimberlin for the debt he owes as a result of sanctions being award because of his frivolous lawfare against me shows that I’m having “difficult financial times.” As can be seen from the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals Order, the principal amount is $600. Now, that may seem like big money to Bill Schmalfeldt, but it’s less than a day’s billing for a very senior engineer filling a GS-15 equivalent position. Collecting the debt myself would be more trouble than it’s worth. That’s why I’ve hired a lawyer whose fees will probably exceed the value of the debt.

OK, if I’m not in it for the money, why bother?


I view doing what I can to put an end to The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s lawfare against the First Amendment rights of his perceived enemies as a matter of … and I’m not using these words in the sense they have been recently misappropriated … social justice. A just society should not permit someone to be a serial abuser of others using its legal system.

The one thing that the carpetbagging Cabin Boy™ gets correct in his tweet is that money grubbing lawfare does not become a Southern gentlemen. Ironically, both he and TDPK are from the midwest, few people would mistake either for a gentleman, and both have flooded the courts with frivolous lawsuits. It may be that both have made serious mistakes by suing a Southern gentleman.

Lawsuits “for the rest of their lives” won’t be without costs.

Murum aries attigit.

UPDATE—This popped up in my Twitter Notifications a few minutes age, three minutes after the Cabin Boy™ connected to Hogewash!Ummm, no. I’m taking a coffee break. If I were dancing, I’d spill my coffee. It must be someone else who’s hoofing it.

38 thoughts on “Prevarication Du Jour

    • And DUMBF*CK the carpetbagger has now done just that in South Freaking Carolina.

      If they make ’em any dumber than Schmalfeldt, I can’t imagine how or why.

  1. DUMBFUCK clearly knows nothing of being Southern nor gentlemanly.

    A gentleman would pay the debt he owes. Brett Kimberlin, not so much.
    A gentleman would show up in court when ordered. Bill Schmalfeldt, not so much.
    A gentleman would show up in court when he has petitioned the court for a peace order instead of tucking his tail, hiking his pee-soaked skirts and running for the hills. Bill Schmalfeldt, not so much.
    A gentleman doesn’t hide behind his children or his women. Team Kimberlin, not so much.

    • A gentleman doesn’t use Parkinson’s Disease as a shield and a sword. Bill Schmalfeldt, not so much.
      A gentleman doesn’t hide behind the ADA to avoid going to court. Bill Schmalfeldt, not so much.
      A gentleman would give inflat-a-skank the money to fix her teeth. Bill Schmalfeldt, not so much.

      • Didn’t he promise to marry him just as soon as the Hoge case was over and get her on his govt tit dental plan? I wonder if he is seeing just what a liar Bill really is?

          • Oh, that clock is most likely LONG gone. Probably dumped the cremains in the fireplace before pitching the clock in the garbage. Unless he posts a current pic of him holding it in the next 24 hours he admits he ditched the clock and the contents.

  2. They should both thank their lucky stars that dueling has been outlawed, in my opinion. And there are not enough words to describe the failures of the FailWhale.

  3. About the update: My cockatiel has a 16-17 word vocabulary and doesn’t mimic others as much as BS does. The guy has not a single original thought in that mostly empty cranium.

  4. Holy shit, Hoge! You know how many packs of Cheez-Its, Spam, and mayo $600 can buy? Hell, that’s a f’ing flophouse buffet right there, buddy!

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  6. Looks like Irma may be making him move again. Load the Mac into the hooptie and cruise to another state again. Oh…he doesn’t have a hooptie?

    • I’ve got Alaska in the pool for his next location.
      (As in, I can see Brett’s next home, from here.)
      Where do the rest of the Lickspittles pick?

    • I was watching the forecast paths for Irma. Several hit South Carolina around Charleston. Bill Schmalfeldt is slightly further up the coast, but, the storm has been turning towards his location. Then again, the high circulating winds on the right side of the eye wall, the “right punch” of a storm, will push walls of water inland His town might very well flood.

      I wonder if an evacuation order is issued, will he miraculously regain his ability to travel?

      Someone asked the condo association, “Do you have elevators?” That was the wrong question to ask. A better question was, “What is your elevation?” A couple of blocks from the ocean is well within a major storm surge. Bill Schmalfeldt might very well discover the four surrounding intersections defining his block are the corners of 1) ocean and ocean; 2) ocean and ocean; 3)ocean and ocean; and, finally, 4) ocean and ocean. If the water rises even higher, we can just call his block “ocean.”

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