15 thoughts on “Legal LULZ Du Jour

  1. “Why go through such measures to identify a location through photos?”

    Because YOU posted them on the web for all the see. And proudly, I might add.

    He’s just a big dumb animal, isn’t he, folks?

    • Assumes facts not in evidence. Every animal I’ve encountered learns from pain–and tries to avoid that situation in the future.

  2. Whines the guy who tries to dox every person who ever calls him a Dumbf5ck. Which is basically the entire English-speaking planet at this point. And probably all of Japan too, the sick freak.

  3. Here’s an answer: You’re Honey Boo Boo. Dumbass.
    You desired to have a following, hence we FOLLOW YOU.

    Bag O’ Rocks

  4. “Why go through such measures to identify a location through photos?”

    Well…the court needs a current address, don’t they? I seem to recall one pro se prosecutor chasing a party for an address he already had so he could help the US MARSHALS (who have been tracking people down without that DUMBFUCK’S help for over a hundred years) find her. I think he wound up with a fresh restraining order over it, too.

    Because, um…DUMBFUCK.

    Now, me…I know certain things.

    1. DUMBFUCK wants to be found.
    2. DUMBFUCK is a liar.

    So if I wanted to know where DUMBFUCK moved to, the last thing I would do is ask him. Liar.

    Instead, it’s a matter of looking at the background for the clues that DUMBFUCK always leaves.

    Because he WANTS TO BE FOUND.

    And when he says he doesn’t…LIAR.


    Look, Ma! No contact, no restraining order!

    How about that?

      • If he really had Parkinson’s stage Eleventy11!!!11 those stairs are a death trap. One can hope, I suppose. [No kitteh pic means no actual death threat. And I’ll miss him when he’s finally gone. Much like I’d miss an inflamed boil on my butt.]
        Lying Liars gotta Lie.

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