24 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. What? Even though it was closed it was docketed? How does that even work?

    It’s like someone doesn’t really pay attention to the rules or something..

    • 06C16070789 Kimberlin, Brett Defendant Carroll County Circuit Court Other Civil Reopened/Active 03/02/2016 William John Joseph Hoge vs Brett Kimberlin, et al

    • I think someone needs to remember saying that and perhaps look at things he’s published that belong to others. Oopsie poopsie!

    • You could write novels on the idiotic things BillyBoy has said. The chapter on fiction-based threats would be a long one. I’ve lost count on how many times he said he would own homes and wives. I do hope all of those epic humiliations last longer than anything else on the Interwebz. BillyBoy’s legacy is years of failure, no estate to speak of, children who can’t wait for him to die, taking photos of relatives on their death bed, and a fascination with tranny John Denver look-alikes.

  2. You’d think Bill would have learned from his excellent friend Brett that lawsuits don’t die that easy. He also forgot that I got the judge to change the dismissal letter Bill submitted in LOLsuit V to correct an factual mistake Bill included. But this is Bill Schmalfeldt we’re talking about – crazy and evil.

    • “You’d think Bill would have learned from his excellent friend Brett that lawsuits don’t die that easy.”

      What Bill has learned from his own failed lawfare is that lawsuits do die that easily.

  3. Do I have that right – BillyBoy is dogging on Hoge for appealing a case? THAT is telling the judge he knows the law better than the judge? If so, I guess BillyBoy better let the Wee Pedo know all of those appeals are garbage and insulting to the judge.

    The abundance of hypocrisy and double standards displayed by BillyBoy are truly mind-boggling. I mean, we expect him to be an ass; that’s SOP for him. But this constant moving of the goal posts makes it hard to keep up with his stupidity. He’s a living Wyle E. Coyote.

  4. HR cut and puff found guilty twice now

    Once in criminal court, judge reached outside yhe law to not punish him becasuse she thought a serial harssser could have good intentions

    And now by s local jufge who never tried a copyright case and didnt undrrstand the statutory damages


    • Statutory damages are not to be regarded as penalties. The purpose of statutory damages is to permit a wronged plaintiff to recover where there is insufficient proof of actual damages or profits.Moreover, substantial damages should only be awarded for substantial injury.

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