Programming Announcement

The Lickspittle Broadcasting System crew has taken off for an early start to the Labor Day weekend, and they won’t be back until Tuesday. There won’t be an episode of Blogsmoke or Blognet this week, and Yours Truly, Johnny Atsign won’t be presented on Monday. Tune in next Friday for the next episode of Blogsmoke.

Have a great holiday weekend, everyone!

8 thoughts on “Programming Announcement

  1. And, Bill, since you’re always begging us to explain what’s going on… This means that Mr. Hoge, his family and friends will be enjoying a long weekend without worrying about impending legal doom, whether or not a mutant cat is going to crawl up their bum and expired, or having to drag all their earthly belongings to a new fleabag motel because the one they’re at overbooked for the long weekend (and they were just looking for an excuse to be rid of your creepy ass and skanky “soulmate du jour”!)

    Perhaps you should spend the weekend pondering the deep philosophical meaning of “murum aries attigit” and dreading the Ides of Every Damn Month Left In Your Sad and Wasted Life ™.

  2. Look, I pay good money to be a member of this conspiracy. I expect to receive the services I’ve contracted for. If you must take off can’t you get AReader1 to put down the lawn mowing tweezers and pound out a few posts? Man, you just can’t get good service anymore.

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  4. I’m dragging a couple of my son-in-laws (and one of my daughter-in-laws) out to the woods for some bow-hunting.

    Should be a grand time, plus I get to dust off the furniture at the chalet.

    Might be cigars and single-malt involved, in the evenings, too…

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