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One of the complaints that The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin has against me is that I publish this daily feature devoted to him, his associates, and their activities. I started covering Brett Kimberlin and his associates during the week of Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day in late May, 2012. After learning of his use of a blatantly unconstitutional gag order to silence Aaron Walker and of the actions that caused Stacy McCain to leave Maryland to protect his family’s safety, I decided to keep covering Team Kimberlin every day until Kimberlin’s campaign of ant-First-Amendment lawfare was brought to an end. I’m not the only blogger who has a continuing series of posts focusing attention on some legal issue. For example, Paul Caron (TaxProf Blog) single-handedly has kept covering the ongoing scandal related to the IRS and its unfair treatment of conservative organizations seeking 501(c)(3) status for over four years now.

As Team Kimberlin’s campaign of lawfare continues, so will this feature. Brett Kimberlin has multiple appeals of the cases he’s lost in the works. I’m an appellee in at least one of them. He also has another LOLsuit filed in the U. S. District Court. The Cabin Boy™ still has LOLsuit VIII: Avoiding Contact going. If there were no lawfare to report on and no further attempts were being made to use the courts or false criminal charges to suppress free speech, then there would no longer be a reason for this series of posts to continue. But Team Kimberlin’s lawfare continues, and so will these posts.

Stay tuned.

29 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Admirable sentiments.

    I came into this as a regular patterico reader. Came over here one day and decided to do a full catch up. I was impressed by how you’d just reported what was going on, and then Brett decided to sue and since then you’ve become one of his main targets. It says a lot about him that he’s so willing to attack anyone who gets involved.

  2. I just appreciate that you’re willing to hang in there and pound on them. By now, though, you should be able to pass the bar exam.

    • For shits and giggles, you should take it the LSAT.

      I took the GRE, in my 50s, when my youngest daughter was taking it, on a dare. She was certain she’d whup me…

      She was not pleased when my score was 200 points higher than hers! LOL!!!

      Started working on my PhD, then. May finish it, some day. Just for the shits and giggles.

      • There’s a trick to LSAT’s and GRE’s – once you get into the mindset, they’re fairly simple. ( I was always quite good at them) Having said that, I’ve also come to learn that being good on standardized tests has very little to do with actually achieving success in life, which usually comes down to an ability to work hard at something, and then work some more, and then work some more. Tests are an academic conceit, and I’ve grown quite tired of academics over the years.

        Speaking of, getting a Ph D is also not all that hard, especially these days.
        Method – Find a Senior Professor who has a project he wants to work on, but who is too lazy to actually do the work. Spend some time flattering him and telling him how great he is, until he thinks you are God’s Gift to his Academic Career. Then do his project and write it up in such a way as to highly flatter all of his pet ideas. Voila, you will have your Ph D on a silver platter, and if you play your cards right you won’t even have to work hard at it.

        Bonus points – let him publish it under his own name, with you listed as an assistant. That has 2 good effects – he is going to be even more pleased, as will all of his friends, and if it really is just a steaming pile of crap, you won’t spend years being blamed for it.

  3. All I can say is that there better be more posts in the future featuring Kimberlins name and the IRS together or I fear justice will never come

  4. Doesn’t anybody here know how to play this game?


    Tetyana is over her head. Even so, I feel for her. She wants her children and to be left alone. Tet lives and deals daily with a malevolent person at very close range.

    Malevolent (adj) 1, Having or exhibiting ill will or spite: Malicious. 2. Having a evil influence.

    Maryland Judges… 3 so far? Or is it four? Papering over procedural violations, not looking beyond half-truths, ignoring mis-directing IMPARTIAL half-assed references to settled case law and ignoring explicit court-ordered directives (consequences of no-show? None?). All in a effort to be ‘fair’? I don’t get it. None of these people, the Judges, would last 10 minutes in aerospace engineering where lives are at stake for decisions made.

    Kimberlina ‘Brett Kimberlin The Speedway Bomber’. Evil MoFo. Agile. Energetic and focused, as well he should be because he’s playing for the highest stakes. Sloppy. Homework due-dates get away from him. Constantly plays at the margins. Brett’s brazenness is breathtaking. Until he gets caught and boy it will be big THEN. Lives at sufferance of the judges, each of whom is obviously, a roll of the dice. So far so good. But for how long?

    Do you feel lucky? Well, do ya’ punk?

    Bill Schmalfeldt: Goddamn-lucky the Judge blinked this last time when El Kimbo rolled the dice. You’re still going down. Also: all of us on the other side stating Brett would leave YOU holding the bag were WRONG. Near as I can tell Brett rolled the dice and you came out unscathed. My educated guess is Brett did what he did and you were a ancillary beneficiary.

    John Hoge proved his point BUT didn’t make his case for damages IF I understand the last case’s outcome. IF John decides to appeal OR go with another lawsuit entirely he’ll make clear personal costs associated with having to deal with Kimberlin. That should be game, set, match.

    Arron Worthing: Damn. But ok. Lesson learned.

    Ken White: WTF are you? I was counting on you. HOPE you are advising on the SC Fed suit.

    Lickspittles: Take some small amount of heart from seeing John has NOT provided a blow-by-blow account. My personal hope is that wheels are still turning. Note that Parvocampus Fat Bastardson has been fairly quiet over the last few days; that’s because Brett has leaned heavily, very heavily, on Bill Schmalfeldt to tone it down with respect to intel leaks. Can’t last and won’t.

    • Ken White lost a great deal of my respect when he sided with the “I like free speech BUT…” crowd and declared that all gamers are just ugly, racist, misogynist trolls. He decided to swallow a great deal of utter shite and call it a cheese sandwich, then went on to condemn everyone who told him he’s full of it.

    • Without a doubt, this is the best post that I have seen in this entire imbroglio!

      “w”, you deserve a seal of approval.

    • Excellent rundown. My prediction after watching this nest of cases for a while is that – every defendant in every case will win that round, and every plaintiff will lose, no matter which side they are on. I think the courts do not want to be bothered with this kind of thing, and they keep letting that be known.

      the lesson is kind of like what Matthew Broderick learned at the end of “War Games” – there’s only one way to actually win.

      having said that, I do have some hope that the countersuits in S.C. will at least produce a vexatious litigant ruling, simply because I think the courts will entertain anything that cuts off their future involvement in this. But no one is ever going to collect any damages, even if they’re assessed, and no one is ever going to do any time, not unless they do something a whole lot worse than they have done so far.

      It’s a bitter pill to swallow, but there it is.

  5. has an amazing series about the John Doe probes into all things Scott Walker.

    Briefly, the “John Doe” investigation law allowed local prosecutors to start secret investigations in which people’s homes, papers etc., can be seized while they are gagged from even speaking to their lawyers about it. The prosecutors decided that the Scott Walker anti-recall fundraising was a conspiracy involving illegal coordination between Walker and a number of contributors, some quite wealthy. It has been ruled by court after court that the accusations, if true, don’t rise to the level of a crime because the recall election was non-partisan, and, that participating in the recall election is free speech. Though ordered by both federal courts and the Wisconsin Supreme Court to close the investigation and return all illegally seized documents, the investigators have gone rouge, and refused to comply. Of couse, in the meanwhile those investigators have leaked a number of illegally seized documents.

  6. BS should read the rules much more carefully. He personally can’t take a deposition over the phone and record or transcribe it himself. He has to hire and pay for a court reporter. Heh. Heh. Heh. KA-CHING. Not that they’ll ever get deposed at all, because [REDACTED – CYBERSTALKERS SHOULD DO THEIR OWN RESEARCH].

    • So, if I were to be in such a situation where the court reporter gets paid by the hour, it wouldn’t be wrong to speak very slowly to make sure the recording is correct, and make very detailed answers?

    • The Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt is attempting, quite transparently, to intimidate a defendant in his LOLsuit.

      May the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt find himself royally [redacted]… yet, left wholly unsatisfied… in his weak effort to do so.

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