Legal LULZ Du Jour

The Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt seems to think that he can add defendants to LOLsuit VIII: Avoiding Contact without amending it. FRCP 20 allows permissive joinder of defendants for causes of action that arise out of the same events and that turn on the same questions of law. IANAL, but it seems to me that if TDPS is going to add defendants, he will have to add their names to the LOLsuit’s caption, identify them, and allege his claims against them. That will require additions to his complaint. If he changes his complaint, he will have to do that according Rule 15, and he’s used his freebie amendment. Further amendments will require the consent of all of the defendants (not likely) or the court.

He really needs the assistance of counsel.

22 thoughts on “Legal LULZ Du Jour

  1. And *I’m* the stupid one? *snort* I beat him like a rented mule by keeping my mouth shut and letting him make my case for me. Perhaps he should learn from that. But he won’t. He’s incapable of doing so. I’m just a stupid girl, you know.

  2. Assistance will counsel will tell him what he doesnt want to hear: even if you out yourself in a wheelchair ops you still.have no case.

    Putting himself in a Walmart wheelchair does not Fakinsons alleviate.

  3. What he really needs, is to get his suit into (redacted-PK) pretty quickly otherwise it’s going to be tossed… Just like all his others.
    Oh, except for the one that he dismissed himself with prejudice… Which due to Res judicata keeps him from litigating several of the claims he’s making in his current suit, which Council would tell him not that he would listen.

  4. the Scat in the Hat
    yelled to methasaurus

    look what i found
    its simply glorious

    I have a way
    to vex my enemies

    they haven’t a clue
    that bunch of pansies

    the court will rule
    as I do drone

    a magistrate will bow
    to my brilliant tome

    I will argue that
    my name is supreme

    but no one can quote
    any bits of my screams

    for only I can openly
    froth at the mouth

    the rest of the world
    must be silent sloths

    I own the first
    earned in the Beirut

    I just reinforce
    my rights as I poop

    you can’t mock
    or challenge me

    being 0 for 7
    fills me with glee

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