Close Enough for Government Work

Stacy McCain has a post up discussing President Trump’s recent decision to increase the size of the U. S. Military force in Afghanistan. Our policy in the conduct of the war has been inconsistent over three administrations, but it now appears that Trump has ordered Secretary Mattis to win the war. Assets are being recommitted to the fight.

My libertarian friends and “America First” nationalists don’t like Trump’s decision to double the force in Afghanistan, but there are no good options available in this permanent war against a permanent enemy.

Read the whole thing and hit Stacy’s tip jar.

14 thoughts on “Close Enough for Government Work

      • With what is widely reported to be 12,000 troops? Good luck with that.

        Remember the Weinberger and Powell doctrines? They were nice and I miss them.

        • And even if you could, because of the political and tribal situations, you’d very probably have something that looked a lot like them pop up within two or three years.

          I seem to remember the United States having some involvement with Afghanistan about thirty years ago. When it suddenly disengaged, the process of creating what’s there now began almost immediately. I have absolutely no reason to believe that this time will be any different. The next Afghan civil war is going to look exactly like the last, and it’ll end the same way.

          The same is true of ISIS in Iraq. Because the Baghdad government and it’s associated Iranian-backed death squads seem pretty determined to oppress and marginalize the Sunnis, you’ll have something to replace them in no time flat. Also, Syria remains a thing that exists and it’s very much in the strategic interests of Assad and Putin to keep such groups around. .

          The funny thing about opposition groups in the Middle East and South Asia is that they never seem to get any friendlier.

          By the way, if Trump turns on Pakistan, like he stupidly telegraphed that he would, he’s going to have some trouble resupplying his troops. Afghanistan is land-locked. Iran is out for obvious reasons and I expect that Putin is going to use his influence in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan to keep U.S forces out of there. There are are also dark, albeit unconfirmed rumors that Moscow has started arming the Taliban, presumably to do to the U.S what the U.S did to the Soviets in the “good old days.”

  1. Plan A) Ignore Afghanistan utterly.
    Plan B) Micro-manage Afghanistan forever.

    Rinse and repeat.

    The LV-426 treatment is really for the best.

    • Attempting (B) didn’t work for the British Empire at the height of its power and reach. The remnants of that expedition were wiped out in the process of implementing (A).

      Afghanistan would not be nearly the shithole it is today if opium were legal and regulated. The illegal opium trade is what funds the taliban; take away that, give the farmers a legitimate market for their most profitable goods, and the taliban loses both their power and their funding.

      Another win for the free market.

      • Agree. Most of the complaints about unwinnable war ignore the truly unwinnable wars, the wars on alcohol, on opium, on cannabis, on kat. Just as the separation of high cold air from warm wet gulf air is the fuel for Tropical Storm Harvey, the artificial separation of supply from demand of these dopamine agonists is always the fuel for major criminal organizations.

  2. I hope they change the Obama administration policy so that soldiers can carry loaded guns on them at all times. Seems like a really stupid policy to me.

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