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In yesterday’s TKPOTD I described The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s startled reaction when I asked him, “What is Fintel?” He sat with his hands shaking for several seconds before he could come up with any sort of answer. Subpoenas to the server farm operator hosting the web domains of almightymedia dot org and breitbartunmasked dot com in early 2015 show that the servers were both paid for by Fintel Associates in San Antonio, Texas, and that the contact person associated with the account was named Kimberly Phillips.

It had already been shown that breitbartunmasked dot com and jtmp dot org were hosted on the same server along with a wide range of Kimberlin-related websites in 2015. In fact, the Breitbart Unmasked Bunny Billy Boy Unread website was co-hosted with the other Kimberlin-related sites until a DMCA takedown notice forced it to flee to an off-shore server.

Let’s rewind the tape to March, 2015.

On 6 March, 2015, TDPK filed his false peace order petition against me. On Friday the 13th of March, the petition was denied by the District Court in Montgomery County. On the 15th and 16th, the documents below were found on the website of the Texas Secretary of State.

They show that someone filed an application to register Almighty Media as a not-for-profit corporation in Texas just after midnight on the 14th and that the certificate of formation was withdrawn before it could be processed—and it was returned to Kimberly D’Anjou Harris Phillips in San Antonio on Monday the 16th.


Also, TDPK filed his Kimberlin v. Hunton & Williams LLP, et al. (I) RICO 2: Electric Boogaloo LOLsuit on 16 March, 2015, and Judge Hazel dismissed all but one count (against Patrick Frey) of the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness LOLsuit on the 17th.

Another thing that happened in March, 2015, is that TDPK discovered that the registered agent for the National Bloggers Club had failed to make some filings with the Texas Secretary on State, so Kimberlin moved to take over the registration of that corporate name. The Gentle Reader may remember that the Cabin Boy™ had a Twitter account styling himself as President of the National Bloggers Club.

Given that bit of history, the Gentle Reader may be able to surmise why a member of the Vast Hogwash! Research Organization came to be scrutinizing business filings in Texas.

Stay tuned.

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  1. One of the things about a long term legal strategy is that sometimes, a loss can be very valuable for future actions. Kimberlin has been using that tactic to gain access to information through discovery. It also works the other way. One way to avoid all that is stop using bad strategy like “lawsuits forever.”

    • In Citizen K, Brett KImberlin described burying some drug money but being disappointed when water got all over the money, destroying it. It’s the 21st century, and there are now more creative ways to bury funds. I think John is “following the money.” I would expect John to lay out this case here slowly and methodically.

      As it turns out, Hoge is not a stalker who follows every detail of the Kimberlins’ lives. He’s a careful researcher who is very interested in the business dealings of Justice Through Music, and it’s sole employee Brett Kimberlin.

      • As well as his accounts at the Royal Bank of Scotland in Georgetown, Grand Cayman … and the activities of the disgraced former Premier, McKeeva Bush, deposed and convicted of receiving bribes from drug runners and oh BTW a personal friend …

      • Thanks Dave-

        Near as I can tell there’s no reason to launder JTMP money. Rules say spend that however he wants. If Brett can’t figure out how to write off trips to Hawaii and Nashville as expenses he’s not very smart. And given that he’s figured out what a sweet sweet gig the non-profit racket is I refuse to believe that he can’t scam the expense side of things.

        And it’s all legal.

    • Yes. In addition to violating the settlement agreement again, the one the judge just said was valid, BS is oddly reluctant to name Ms. Kimberly Phillips, claiming that ‘it’s none of your business,” when it actually is, which is why it’s public info.

      I don’t think BS gets it, but his masters do. There is no wild goose chase. The research is done. Mr. Hoge is just reporting.

  2. Well, you’re taking flack from BS who know nothing about this, so he must have received his orders. You’ve been researching this for two years, but he’s an expert after reading one blog post.

    As for the trial, some well-informed sources speculate that the real reason BS failed to show up was so that he would not have to testify that he has admitted that he is Krendler.
    meanwhile, he’s preparing for the Special Olympics ( do NOT click on internal links):

          • I had the same thought, Dave.

            How in the heck does the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt with his END STAGE PARKINSON’S DISEASE STAGE ELEVENTY!!1!!1! manage to move all of massive mass around in a wheelchair… especially considering his shoulders are shot as reported by the oversharer himself?

            And, just as curious… why didn’t his insurance and/or Medicare step up and foot the bill on a mobility vehicle far better for someone allegedly suffering from END STAGE PARKINSON’S DISEASE STAGE ELEVENTY!!1!!1!?


          • I second Dave’s observation. I’ve been in the chair for three years now. Anything other than a dead flat/level hard surface floor is harder to manage than you might think.

            Which makes my recurring rotator cuff issue somewhat problematic.

      • There’s a reason we will NOT see Scooty Puff 2.0 any time soon- Bill has no easy way to get a Scooty Puff from hotel to hotel.

        He needs to get ‘settled’ before he can scam another motorized conveyance.

    • Oh, but of course. It would have really put a hole in BK’s “theory ” that John is Krendler. Nothing like having the person who actually admitted to it shooting beside you at the defense table.

      They probably pow-wowed on Sunday in Elkridge and decided Bill wouldn’t come to the trial then. Lucky for them it worked out.

    • On the plus side, I’m looking forward to a month from now when we see the wheelchair tipped over on the sidewalk with sidewall damage on each wheel and we get to hear Biwwy bitch about how Krendler slashed his tires in the middle of the night and left a fingerprint and EVERYTHING you guys!

      • I can’t wait to see it in the no-tell motel sitting on cinder blocks because he’ll say someone stole the rear wheels
        And he’ll blame us Lickspittles.
        When in reality, he’s sold the wheels for another bottle of JWR.
        Just spit-balling.

  3. Quick Google search of Kimberly D’Anjou Harris Phillips gives the following from My Life:

    AKA: Kim D harris, Kimberley D. Harris Phillips, Kimberly Phillips, Kimberly D Phillips, Kimberly Harris Phillips, Kimberley D Harris, Kimberley Danjou Harris, Kimberley D Harrisphillips, Phillips Kimber Harris, Kimberly D Anjou Harris, Kimberley Phillips

    [redacted—NO DOXING!!! Also, the information was not accurate—wjjhoge]

      • Well its too easy to find “related persons” and the listed director of Fintel. I dont doxx but I will look – cursory looking pops up a lot. No outward sign of anything weird, except for the strange connection to BK.

        [redacted—NO DOXING!!—wjjhoge]

        • Question was what does an address made up only of numbers mean? No street no house number Etc. There were regular addresses listed as well, but the numbers only ones intrigued me. Maybe just a glitch from the auto search engine the site uses.

  4. Sigh… I am SO far behind Our Gracious Host.

    When he reported his mention of Fintel, I went digging (with my soup spoon) and suggested possible avenues for investigation. I forgot one of the first rules of courtroom conduct: “never ask a question for which you don’t already know the answer.”

    Our Gracious Host remembered that rule, and shows it. He knew a great deal about Fintel before he brought up that question to The Sawed-Off Pedo Bomber; he wasn’t interested in the facts, he was interested in how The Sawed-Off Pedo Bomber would react to the subject.

    And The Sawed-Off Pedo Bomber danced like the little puppet he so resembles.

    I am fully confident that Our Gracious Host knows a great deal about Fintel, perhaps everything, but won’t disclose just what he knows until it will cause The Sawed-Off Pedo Bomber Maximum Discomfort. And, I’m sure, he’ll dribble it out as needed.

    It’s almost enough to make one pity The Sawed-Off Pedo Bomber.

      • Oh, it’s quite im-unpossible.

        (Wince, cringe) “Oh, man. That is so brutal, so savage, so horrifying I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemies. There are some things that just aren’t right, that just shouldn’t happen to anyone.”

        “It’s happening to The Sawed-Off Pedo Bomber and his acolytes.”

        (long pause)

        “So, I hear it’s gonna rain this weekend…”

  5. My memory is not what it once was…

    Can someone remind me how quickly the Japanese won World War II after their decisive victory at Pearl Harbor in 1941?

    And my European history cred is not what it should be either…I remember the part about Germany taking over almost the whole of Europe, but what happened after that? They wiped out the rest of the world and created a Thousand Year Reich, if I’m not wrong?

    Or nah?

  6. If there’s anything dodgy its probably all Brett, he uses people and that’s his bag.
    If his book is any clue laundering schemes are not beyond his powers or at least his fantasies of his powers.

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